Escape your mobile on holiday for a happier life

Breton Cider & Châteaux A recent study looked into the behaviour of a range of people to find simple ways of increasing happiness, and one of the best surprised many: getting away from your mobile phone.

It's a device which many find hard to live without these days and it turns out that the constant connection with others may be doing us more harm than good. The rise of the smart phone and social networking has amplified these connections in recent years.

Professor Paul Dolan, an expert in behaviour and happiness at London School of Economics, commented on life with a phone, saying that it was often far better to turn the thing off and enjoy your isolation. A writer for the Telegraph then picked up the story, giving his own experience of leaving his phone behind whilst out and about on holiday and discovering he could enjoy his time much more.

If you're looking for some quality time without being tied down to your phone, getting away on holiday has to be one of the best ways. Professor Dolan said that spending more face-to-face time with friends and family can bring people much more happiness, so why not get away on a holiday with them? We have an excellent range of group holidays all of which will give you the chance to leave your phone out of sight and mind.

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