Turn any shoe into a clipless pedal cycling shoe

If you're a keen road cyclist you've probably already invested in clipless pedals. Finding the right shoe, however, can be a tricky process.

Clipless cycling shoes can be uncomfortable for some and its the last thing you want if you're trying to plan relaxing cycling holidays, but what if you could convert your comfortable old trainers into a pair? Well now you can, a new retrofittable cleat was recently released by a company called Retrofitz, which, with a few cuts and some screwing, can convert just about any shoe into a clipless cycling shoe.

The specially developed nylon plates use a two bolt and mountain bike cleat design. The mountain bike cleat was chosen because they're flatter than other varieties and so more comfortable to walk on, with two bumpers stopping the cleat from hitting the ground and to improve traction.

The new system is perfect for regular cyclists and provides an excellent alternative to expensive cycling shoes.

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