ring-tailed lemur with her cute babies

Walking holidays in Madagascar

Madagascar broke away from mainland Africa millions of years ago – isolating wildlife so that it evolved in a unique way. Today, Madagascar is home to a plethora of endemic species across a range of habitats from lush rainforest in the north to arid mountains and virtual desert further south. Madagascar’s most familiar and endearing animals are its lemurs; there are over 100 different species ranging from the largest – the Indri which has a haunting whale-like song – down to tiny mouse lemurs that only weigh a few grams. The island nation is also home to a wonderful array of chameleon species and some very unusual residents such as leaf-tailed geckos, tomato frogs and bizarre-looking giraffe weevils.

These wildlife wonders can all be discovered on foot in the company of an experienced Malagasy guide during a Madagascar walking holiday. Get up close to adorable ring-tailed lemurs, wonder at peculiar-looking baobab trees, discover the unusual succulents that grow in Isalo National Park and trek in the rainforest of Ranomafana National Park – home to 12 species of lemur.