Walking Holidays in Laos

Turquoise water of Kuang Si waterfall, Luang Prabang. Laos

Laos Walking holidays & trekking adventures

Experience Laos on an HF Holidays guided walking and sightseeing holiday. Explore the delightful city of Luang Prabang. It’s a place of many contrasts with colonial French history blending into outstanding natural scenery. Walk through paddy fields and dense jungle to Kuang Si Falls for a refreshing dip. The water tumbles over tiered limestone formations into crystal clear pools. Marvel at the Wat Phu ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Site, dating back to the 5th century and a highlight of southern Laos. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a traditional Baci ceremony too. For Laos people, the belief in kwan (spirits which inhabit the human body, as well as animals, plants and inanimate objects) are an important part of Laotian culture. At the end of the ceremony participants tie white thread around each other’s wrists, symbolically binding the kwan to the body, while wishing them good fortune. Then enjoy a jeep ride and walk on the Bolaven Plateau through coffee plantations and rural villages before visiting Khone Phapeng waterfall, the largest in South East Asia and the Niagara of the East.

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