14-Night Malta & Gozo Guided Walking Holiday

View of Valletta, the capital of Malta
Duration: 14 nights
Type: European Multi-Centre
Walking Grade: 1 & 2

Explore the two largest islands of the Maltese archipelago in one holiday! On Malta discover prehistoric temples, dramatic coastal walks and rural inland paths. The focus for walks will be the island’s many picturesque areas and includes visits to some of the interesting remains of Malta’s ancient heritage, including Neolithic temples, 4th century catacombs, Roman ruins and churches built by the Knights of St John. A sightseeing day in the UNESCO-listed capital Valletta will introduce you to the city’s rich history. Transferring by ferry, it’s time to explore Gozo – the second biggest island. It provides an idyllic place to escape daily life with its laid-back atmosphere, wonderful coastal walks and historical sites. Greener than Malta, much of the land is given over to agriculture; melons, grapes and vegetables are all grown here. The week will be spent exploring the island’s coastal paths which lead to secluded coves and rocky headlands all backed by the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean. There’s time to explore Victoria – the island’s capital – and discover the UNESCO listed ancient temples of Ggantija which are over 5,000 years old. Walks also reach the intriguing Inland Sea, Calypso Cave – where Ulysses was held captive - and Ta’ Pinu Church of Pilgrimage. Year-round sunshine makes Malta and Gozo ideal destinations for a relaxed winter, spring or autumn break.

Holiday Highlights


  • Gentle walking at a leisurely pace through dramatic coastal scenery
  • Rich history including Neolithic temples and churches built by the Knights of St John, historic Valletta and Mdina
  • Year round sunshine - ideal for spring or autumn getaway


  • Enjoy stunning coastal views from all corners of the island, as well as Gozo’s attractive green interior
  • Visit the citadel in Victoria with its commanding views to all corners of the island, immersed in Medieval influence
  • Discover the ancient temples of Ggantija, which predate the Pyramids of Giza, and Calypso's Cave, where Ulysses was held captive

What’s included

  • A full programme of guided walks with 2 options every walking day
  • All transport to and from the walks
  • The services of experienced HF Holidays' leaders
  • "With flight" holidays include return flights from the UK and hotel transfers
  • 14 nights accommodation in en-suite rooms
  • Transport between the two destinations
  • Half Board - continental breakfast and evening meal

Trip Notes

Trip notes are detailed, downloadable PDFs for each holiday.

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Welcome to Hotel Solana. Unpack and settle in.

These walks explore the northern tip of Malta, from the older part of Mellieha village and onto rocky open ground to contour around the northern coastline with fine views of Gozo and Comino.

Option 1 - Northeast Peninsula

Distance: 5 miles (8km)

Total ascent: 600 feet (180m)

In summary: We start by walking through the oldest part of Mellieha, where we'll see views out to Gozo and Comino. We then walk the coastline, with a short detour inland to the 'Red Tower', before arriving at Ramla Bay.

Highlight: Spectacular views of Gozo and Comino.

Option 2 - Selmun Palace, Bays & Roman Road back to Mellieha

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 900 feet (270m)

In summary: We take a different route out of Mellieha, heading for the Selmun Palace and then onto the coast to Selmun Bay. We follow the coastline to Xemxija, before heading back to Mellieha along a Roman road.

Highlight: The route back to Mellieha is littered with Roman and ancient sights.

The World Heritage City of Valletta merits a great deal of exploration and this sightseeing day will introduce you to the key sights. Our tour starts with a walking tour around the city with a blue badge guide, stopping at Upper Barrakka Gardens with panoramic views over the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities, and concluding with a visit to St John’s Co-Cathedral. There is then free time for you to explore Valletta before an optional, awe-inspiring harbour cruise.

Today’s visit is to the Dingli Cliffs, the highest point on Malta. We walk through Buskett Gardens (once the hunting ground of the Grand Masters) towards the Dingli Cliffs. Close to the cliffs we see the remains of Ghar ilKbir cave dwellings and a series of distinctive prehistoric cart ruts. This visit will be enhanced by a local guide who was brought up in the area. The afternoon is spent sightseeing with the option of:

(a) visiting 4th century catacombs, the museum of Roman Antiquities and soaking up the atmosphere in the Silent City of Mdina or

(b) visiting the temple complex of Hagar Qim, which can be seen before descending to Wied iz-Zurrieq where there is the option of a boat trip to the Blue Grotto in good weather.

Option 1 - Caves, Cliffs & Catacombs

Distance: 5 miles (8km)

Total ascent: 300 feet (90m)

In summary: Today we walk through Maltese history. Starting in the old hunting grounds of Buskett Gardens we'll walk towards the coast and the Ghar-il-Kbir cave dwellings. We'll reach Rabat for lunch, with time to explore the 4th Century catacombs, St Pauls church and the Museum of Roman Antiquities. We'll finish our day in the 'Silent City' of Mdina.

Highlight: Our local guide is full of knowledge about the history of the island.


Option 2 - Cliffs & Temples by the sea

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 800 feet (240m)

In summary: The first part of our day follows the same route as the other party as far as Ghar-il-Kbir. At the coast we'll descend to the undercliff, passing two wayside chapels. We'll reach Ghar Lapsi for lunch, and a swim, before heading into more rugged terrain to the large temple complex of Hagar Qim, finishing our walk at Wied ir Zurrieq.

Highlight: Our local guide is full of knowledge about the history of the island.



Each week there is a free day when no guided walks are offered. This is an ideal opportunity to relax around the hotel, walk independently or visit local places of interest. Some options for your free day may include:

Gozo: For guests holidaying on Malta only, a day trip to Gozo is popular. Using a hired coach it is possible to see many of the popular sights on the island including the Rotunda Church at Xewkija, the sea arch and Inland Sea at Dwejra Bay and the delightful fishing village of Xlendi. The day is rounded off by a visit to Victoria, the island’s capital, in order to walk around the ramparts of the citadel and visit the cathedral.

Valletta: Although we visited Valletta on day 3, it is impossible to explore this World Heritage City in one day. On a return visit options available are the National Museum of Archaeology, where a fascinating collection of artefacts from Malta’s prehistoric sites are housed; the War Museum, which tells the story of the siege of Malta during the Second World War; Manoel Theatre (a beautiful old theatre), and an inhabited 16th century patrician town house.

Mdina & Rabat: Mdina is an important UNESCO Heritage Site. It is the oldest city on the island and derives its name from the Arabic word ‘medina’ meaning walled city. Mdina is lamp-lit by night and often referred to as the ‘silent city’. The cathedral and cathedral museum are fascinating places with their rich cultural and religious treasures. The impressive palaces are still home to some of Malta’s aristocratic families.

Rabat is home to the famous catacombs of St Paul and St Agatha and the impressive St Paul’s Church, which stands above a grotto where St Paul is said to have taken refuge after his shipwreck on Malta.

These walks link two traditional Maltese fishing villages on the South Eastern corner of the island.

Option 1 - Marsaxlokk to Marsascala

Distance: 6 miles (9½km)

Total ascent: 400 feet (120m)

In summary: Beginning in the pretty fishing village of Marsaxlokk, we cross the Delimara peninsula, we can observe wind and wave rock sculptures. We then head north, after lunch, finishing our walk in Marsascala.

Highlight: The two historic villages of Marsaxlokk and Marsascala.

Option 2 - Pretty Bay to Marsascala

Distance: 9 miles (14½km)

Total ascent: 400 feet (120)

In summary: Starting in the aptly named Pretty Bay, our route follows the coastline to Marsaxlokk. We will then follow the route of the easier group to Marsascala.

Highlight: Pretty Bay is well worth the visit.


From the ancient city of Mdina – the original capital of Malta – we descend into the fertile Qleigha Valley and a series of manmade reservoirs called the Chadwick Lakes. There is time to view the wayside chapel and the honeycomb of ancient tombs beneath the Victorian Line fortifications along the escarpment ridge. After the Bingemma Gap we make our way mainly by coastal paths to Golden Bay where there will be time for a swim.

Option 1 - Mdina to Golden Bay

Distance: 6 miles (9½km) 

Total ascent: 400 feet (120m)

total descent: 800 feet (240m)

In summary: We spend some time in the morning exploring the ancient city of Mdina, setting off on our walk from its walls. We ascend the Mtarfa Ridge, passing the old British Naval Hospital and into the Qleigha valley. We head for Lippija Tower and then take the coastal path to Golden Bay.

Highlight: The historic city of Mdina is worth exploring.

Option 2 - Mdina and the Two Towers

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 900 feet (270m)

In summary: We too start from the city walls of Mdina, walking the same route for a short time. We then head inland to the Nadur Tower and on to Bingemma Fort via the Victoria Lines. Regaining the coastline, we'll ascend a steep section of path to the Lippija Tower and then on to Golden Bay.

Highlgiht: Golden bay, a beautiful sandy beach, perfect for a swim at the end of the walk.

You will be given a direct transfer from the the Solana Hotel to the ferry port for your crossing to Gozo where you will be taken to the Grand Hotel.

Welcome to the Grand Hotel. Unpack and settle in.


Today we explore the coastal area along the south coast of Gozo. Here you’ll find precipitous cliffs and deep-cut fjords, rocky headlands and little urbanisation. From Xlendi we enjoy a common route inland to the Gozo capital Victoria, where there should be time for sightseeing.

Option 1 - Xlendi & Victoria

Distance: 5 miles (8km) 

Total ascent: 500 feet (150m)

In summary: We start our walk with a short walk to the coast path, then head north taking in dramatic views of the cliffs. We then make for the delightful resort of Xlendi before turning inland to the island's capital, Victoria.

Highlight: Don't miss Victoria's cathedral.  It's an imposing building with an elaborate and unique interior.


Option 2 - The Southern Coast to Xlendi

Distance: 10 miles (15km)

Total ascent: 1,000 feet (300m) 

In summary: We walk from our hotel and cross scenic countryside towards the inlet of Mgarr-ix-Xini. We then walk along the coastal path through one of Gozo's most remote areas taking in spectacular clifftop views. On reaching Xlendi, we then follow in the other party's footsteps to Victoria.

Highlight: Mgarr-ix-Xini is the perfect location for a picturesque coffee stop.


The Church of Pilgrimage at Ta Pinu starts the day, after which we visit the interesting Folklore Museum in Gharb. From here the north coast offers some spectacular cliff scenery. Heading eastwards there are some beautiful ‘wind sculptures’ to admire as well as quaint fishermen’s storerooms, formed in the softer rock of the higher cliffs, on our way to Marsalforn or Victoria

Option 1 - Ta Pinu, Scultped cliffs & Marsalforn

Distance: 6 miles (9½km)

Total ascent: 400 feet (120m)

In summary: Our day begins at the sanctuary church of Ta Pinu with time to explore. We'll then head to the coast via the village of Gharb and its folk museum. On reaching the coast we'll see the beautiful inlet of Ghar il Qamh, fascinating saltpans and weather-sculpted cliffs. We finish at Marsalforn with refreshments.

Highlight: Don't miss the fishermen's sheds cut into the cliff face. 



Option 2 - Marsalforn via Hekka Point

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 800 feet (240m)

In summary: We too start with a visit to Ta Pinu, but then begin walking uphill to Ta Ghammer with its stations of the cross. We then head for Hekka Point via the village of Gharb. We'll then follow the other party to Marsalforn via the saltpans and cliffs.

Highlight: The village of Gharb has a spectacular basilica built between the 17th and 18th centuries.


We’ll walk to the Rotunda Church at Xewkija then ascend to the village of Xaghra, where there will be the opportunity to visit the village and Ggantija Temples, reputed to be the oldest freestanding structures in the world, which have been standing on this plateau for over 5,000 years. A guide will accompany us through the temple complex to give us an insight into the island. Both walks then visit Calypso Cave where Ulysses was held captive by the enchanting Calypso for seven years. We then visit Ramla Bay, the longest sandy beach on Gozo, before our return to Mgarr.

Option 1 - Mgarr to Calypso's Cave

Distance: 7 miles (11km)

Total ascent: 400 feet (120m)

In summary: Walking from our hotel we head inland to the village of Xewkija with its Rotunda church. From here we head to the Ggantija Temples before visiting the viewpoint at Calypso's Cave.

Highlight: The 5,000 year old Ggantija Temples will be brought to life by a local interest guide. 


Option 2 - Ggantija Temples & Calypso's Cave

Distance: 8 miles (13km)

Total ascent: 800m (240m)

In summary: We start from our hotel and walk along the coast to Mgarr-ix-Xini. We then take a steep ascent inland into a dry valley and on to the village of Xewkija, before following the other party's route on to the viewpoint at Calypso's Cave.

Highlight: Calypso's Cave is the mythical location where Calypso kept an enchanted Odysseus for seven years.


Each week there is a free day when no guided walks are offered. This is an ideal opportunity to relax around the hotel, walk independently or visit local places of interest. Some options for your free day may include:

Visit an agricultural estate to hear how traditional farming is carried out. Food and wine tasting is included in the tour.

Take a stroll along the promenade around Mgarr Harbour to Iz-Zewwieqa Bay – a nice spot for a swim.

Walk along the coast to one of the many beaches to have a picnic and a swim.

A combination of man’s burrowing and gigantic sea erosion has shaped the landscape of today’s walks. On the Harder Walk, we’ll descend by cliff paths to Xlendi before a spectacular ascent of the cliffs to the west leads to Dwerja Point. Both walks visit Dwerja Point where once stood the dramatic sea-arch known as the Azure Window. Sadly, due to a combination of sea erosion and high winds, the Azure Window collapsed in March 2017. If time and weather permit, a boat trip can be taken from the Inland Sea through a tunnel in the rock out to view the nearby cliffs and Fungus Rock. Both walks continue on into Victoria, the island’s capital, for well-earned refreshments

Option 1 - Fungus Rock & the Inland Sea

Distance: 6 miles (9½km)

Total ascent: 500 feet (150m)

In summary:The day starts with a gradual descent to see Fungus Rock - prominently guarding the entrance to Dwerjra Bay and onto Dwerjra Point where we can see the site of the collapsed Azure Window sea arch. We then circle the Inland Sea before heading for some sightseeing in Victoria.

Highlight: There's opportunity to take a boat ride through the caves into the open sea.


Option 2 - Xlendi Cliffs & Dwerjra Bay

Distance: 10 miles (16km)

Total ascent: 1,200 feet (360m) 

In summary: Our walk starts at the village of Sannat and follows a dramatic coast path to the resort of Xlendi. After a spectacular ascent to the cliff tops we'll walk on to Wardija Point and then follow the route of the other party all the way to Victoria. 

Highlight: Take a look inside the 17th Century Dwerjra Tower - one of only four surviving coastal watchtowers on Gozo.


Today’s walks offer extensive views over the straits to Comino and Malta. Our groups traverse a delightful flat rock shore and then enjoy charming coves, verdant gardens and wonderful wild flowers. The harder walk descends to the secluded San Blas Bay for the opportunity of a midday swim. The easier group stays high and lunches in local gardens. Continuing, both groups make their way through the outskirts of Nadur, arriving at one of the most stunning viewpoints on Gozo.

Option 1 - Qala, Strands and Nadur

Distance: 7 miles (11km)

Total ascent: 800 feet (240m) 

In summary: We start our day at Qala for great views of the strait to Comino and Malta. We then walk through open countryside to the small harbour of Dahlet Qorrot, before taking lunch at the lovely San Blas gardens. We finish our walk by walking a fertile valley to Nadur, and back to our hotel.

Highlight: We'll look out for beautiful wildflowers and verdant gardens on our way to San Blas.


Option 2 - Strait, Strands and Coves

Distance: 10 miles (16km) 

Total ascent: 1,400 feet (420m) 

In summary: We walk in the remote north-east corner of the island, walking the coastline for fantastic views of Comino and Malta. We'll visit San Blas Bay, before picking up the route back to the hotel via Nadur.

Highlight: San Blas Bay is a wonderfully secluded spot, reached by a relatively steep descent. The bay is perfect for a rest stop and a mid-walk swim.


We hope to see you again soon.

Malta Itinerary Map
Gozo Itinerary Map

Solana Hotel - Malta

The 4-star Solana Hotel is located in Mellieha village, one of Malta's few traditional villages, away from the hustle and bustle of the main resorts and make it an ideal base for exploring Malta. The local shops and amenities are just a few minutes walk away and the hotel offers an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, wellness centre and two restaurants. 

Grand Hotel - Gozo

The charming 4-star Grand Hotel with its comfortable accommodation, and friendly efficient service, occupies a commanding location overlooking Mgarr harbour and has views across the straits to Comino and Malta.  Winner of three HF Hotel Awards in 2018 based on outstanding guest feedback. The hotel features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a well equipped bar and two restaurants. 

What to Bring

Essential Equipment

To enjoy walking/hiking comfortably and safely, footwear, clothing and equipment needs to be suitable for the conditions. Safety and comfort are our priorities, so our advice is to come prepared for all eventualities.

  • Footwear with a good grip on the sole (e.g.Vibram sole) is the key to avoiding accidents.
  • Walking/hiking boots providing ankle support and good grip are recommended (ideally worn in), and specialist walking socks to avoid blisters.
  • Several layers of clothing, which can be added or removed, are better than a single layer (include spares).
  • Fabrics (lightweight and fast drying) designed for the outdoors are recommended.
  • Waterproof jacket and waterproof over trousers.
  • Warm hat and gloves. 
  • Denim jeans and capes are not suitable on any walks.
  • Rucksack with a waterproof liner.
  • Thermos flask for hot drink.
  • Water bottle (at least 2 litre).
  • Spare high-energy food such as a chocolate bar.
  • Small torch.
  • First aid kit – your leader’s first aid kit doesn’t contain any medication or blister kits (such as Compeed).
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Sun cream.

Optional Equipment

  • Walking poles are useful, particularly for descents.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Camera.
  • Gaiters.

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