Volunteering FAQs

Interested in volunteering and getting involved with HF Holidays? To help you understand the role and find the right volunteer opportunity, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions from prospective volunteers.

Who can volunteer?

Do I have to be an HF Holidays member to volunteer as a walk leader?
No. Many of our walk leader volunteers aren’t HF members. However, those that are enjoy the benefits that brings, for example 10% off their bar bill!

Practicalities of volunteering with us

How much time do I need to give?

Our volunteer walk leaders need to be able to commit to a minimum of three weeks every two years.

Benefits and expenses

Will I be paid as a walk leader?

The walk leader role is voluntary and therefore not paid. However, we look to ensure our volunteers don’t lose out financially, so you will not be out of pocket when you lead for us. 

Selection procedure

How long does it take to become a leader?

It can take anywhere from two months to twelve months between applying, becoming a leader and leading your first guests on an HF holiday.

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