2020 Submitted Questions
from Members and Responses

Ahead of the 2020 AGM, which was originally scheduled for the 28 March 2020, we invited all Members to submit a question in writing for the morning Q and A session.

In total we received 66 questions and a response to each has been provided below. Some were similar in style so a longer response has been given under some of the questions. Please remember these questions were raised before the Covid 19 crisis – some responses have been updated to reflect the current situation.
1) Question from Vivien Goh
I have just read the 2019 minutes and note that credit card charges have increased. Would the company consider adding/using internet banking funds transfer as a payment option? I live in Singapore and go on 4-5 walks a year. I would find bank transfers cheaper than credit card payment. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Thank you. We have investigated this. Presently, other than using a card (credit or debit) our preferred method to accept payment is BACS to our bank direct.
16) Question from Vanessa Crookes

I would like to thank all the HF Team (board, office staff and house staff) for their sterling and exceptional work in very trying and difficult times and if we, their clients, can do anything to help what would it be?

Thank you for your kind & heart-warming words. It has been uplifting to receive messages from members during this crisis - we have been delighted with the propensity of our members and guests to book and travel with us since re-opening. The feedback and adoption of our new normal have been really encouraging. Big changes have been made from no transport for our guided walks, two sittings for dinners at some of our UK houses whilst introducing further improvements throughout our hospitality offering.