Investment for growth

As the UK’s largest holiday co-operative, all the cash raised from the shares you buy benefits all members as well as future generations who have an interest in the great outdoors. The cash is invested into expanding and improving our country house estate. For more information please see our annual report below. 

In 2019 we invested over £2m in refurbishing Newfield Hall and extending Derwent Bank, and in 2020 we also refurbished Chy Morvah benefiting all our guests with:

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Better quality accommodation
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Investing in more energy-efficient electrical fittings and water-efficient plumbing reduces our environmental footprint.
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The financial strength of the Society is increased

Ways to increase your SHAREHOLDING

Increasing your shareholding with HF Holidays is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Decide how MANY SHARES YOU Want to buy

Each share is worth £1 – you can buy as many as you want so long as your balance does not go over £25,000.


Apply to buy more shares in writing

Applications to buy more shares must be made in writing. Click here to apply.


submit your application

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or debit card. Details will be provided to you on submission of your application.

Every bit of new or increased investment will go into improving our UK properties, enhancing the experience of our guests, reducing our environmental footprint, helping attract and keep the next generation of guests, and building the financial strength of the Society.


Members who hold the minimum £100 of shares, invested another £100, we could afford to knock down an old chalet and replace it with a brand new building.

Members raised their investment levels to £1000 of shares, we're on the way to improving our Peak District property Peveril of the Peak

Investment Members bought an extra £5,000 of shares we would begin to build a substantial fund for the refurbishment of Longmynd House.

(In normal circumstances, you can sell your shares back to us at any moment but there are some conditions around this, see Rule 13 of the Rules of the Society.)

Not a member yet?

If you are considering becoming a member, why not join our unique organisation. As well as the benefits above, you'll no longer be charged the £30 non-members fee on your holidays. To compare types of investment and benefit, or to download a membership application form,
visit our dedicated membership joining page.

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