The Special General Meeting of HF Holidays

The special general meeting of hf holidays

The Special General Meeting of HF Holidays Ltd was held virtually
on Saturday 12 December 2020.

David Harrington, CEO, provided members with updates on Covid-19 and the financial position of the Society, and members were able to review and vote on adopting the new Rules of the Society. You can watch a recording of the event below. All resolutions raised at the SGM were passed.

Update on the resolutions passed

Thank you to everyone who took the time to get involved in the SGM by attending and voting on the Resolutions. All Resolutions were passed; the voting was as follows:

Resolution 1:
Corporate Governance

Total number of votes: 442
Number for: 331 (74.9%)
Number Against: 111 (25.1%)
Number Abstained: 69
This means that Resolution 1
has been passed

Resolution 2:
Financial Regulations

Total number of votes: 502
Number for: 442 (88%)
Number Against: 60 (12%)
Number Abstained: 24
This means that Resolution 2
has been passed

Resolution 3:
Electronic Engagement with Members

Total number of votes: 512
Number for: 449 (87.7%)
Number Against: 63 (12.3%)
Number Abstained: 18
This means that Resolution 3
has been passed

Resolution 4a:
Board of Directors Maximum Service

Total number of votes: 497
Number for: 403 (81.1%)
Number Against: 94 (18.9%)
Number Abstained: 24
This means that Resolution 4a
has been passed

Resolution 4b:
Qualification to Stand for Election to the Board

Total number of votes: 481
Number for: 380 (79%)
Number Against: 101 (21%)
Number Abstained: 40
This means that Resolution 4b
has been passed

SGM resources

All SGM documentation is available to download below.
This includes a revised agenda and further details about the proposed Rule changes,

2020 SGM

Resolutions to be voted on

Current Rules for the society (2021)

Previous Rules for the society (to Dec 2020)

Draft rules -
tracked changes (2021)