7 reasons to go on a self-guided walking holiday with HF

Walkers enjoying the autumn sun in the English Lake District

The Benefits of self-guided walking

Why go on a self-guided walking holiday? What are the benefits of striking out on your own rather than joining one of our signature guided walking holidays? We believe there are advantages to both but think that independent-minded walkers will agree that a self-guided holiday is an excellent opportunity to travel in an authentic and immersive way, that can’t be beaten for value and a sense of achievement.

Our self-guided walking holidays in the UK come with everything that you need to enjoy a great adventure in the great outdoors. Based at our UK country houses, your accommodation is full board, and you have access to all the house facilities, from boot and drying rooms tailored for walkers to information points, route guides and maps. Although you’ll be walking on your own without a guide, our house teams and leaders will be around to support you and are only a phone call away in case you need assistance during the day.

self-guided walking holidays UK

Stay in superb country houses

Travelling independently often involves a lot of logistics, research and attempts to find the right places to stay and eat while away. On our self-guided holidays you’re based at our country houses from start to finish so are guaranteed a comfortable base in an incredible location. You’ll stay at the same house so can settle in comfortably for the duration of your trip. Bookings are full board so you’ll certainly eat well and you’ll spend your evenings in the company of other guests in our cosy lounges and bars, so will be able to socialise with like-minded people, and swap stories of trails trekked and summits bagged.

self-guided walking holidays UK

Enjoy greater independence

By booking a self-guided holiday, you’ll have greater independence than if you join a guided group. However, if you feel daunted by choosing where to explore or by being responsible for route finding, rest assured that with HF you’ll get that sense of independence along with the safety net of knowing that all our experience and insight is behind you. Our Discovery Points are full of walks to take on, graded for different abilities and all checked by our team. There are route notes to take with you, written by our team and checked regularly, and you should be able to chat to the walk leaders in the house for any additional insight or information.

Self-guided walking holidays UK

Choose from a wide range of routes

With HF self-guided walking holidays you can pick the route that best suits your experience and ability. Fancy a gentle introduction to the area? No problem. Looking for something more challenging? Also no problem. Want to check off the classic walk but also discover a secret corner of the countryside? We’ve got you covered for that too. All walks are marked up on maps, with route notes for you to use during the day.

self-guided walking holidays UK

Make the most of greater flexibility

When you’re not tied to walking with a guided group, you can start your day whenever you like. Perhaps get out earlier to catch the early morning or tarry a little at the start of the day. While on your walk, take time to stop and soak things up, follow your curiosity and see what’s just round that bend or over that ridge and make your own call as to when and where to stop for lunch. If it interests you, you’ll be able to explore it, as long as you allow enough time to complete your walk as well!

self-guided walking holidays UK

Walk at your own pace

While on a guided walk you’ll generally adopt the pace of the slower members of the group so you can progress together. If you’re used to a faster pace that can be frustrating. Equally, if you’re used to a slower pace but don’t want to worry about holding others up, then a self-guided walk could also be for you and you wouldn’t have to worry about keeping up. If you’ve chosen your route wisely using our Discovery Points and advice, then you should have a far greater control of your own pace, pushing on to make the most of the cooler mornings, stopping as you like and lingering longer in the afternoon sunshine.

self-guided walking holidays UK

Pick your companions

When going away self-guided, you’ll be able to select those that make-up your walking party. Perhaps you want to walk by yourself? Maybe it’s with a partner or friend, family member or group of mates. With the benefit of being able to socialize in the evenings at our country houses with other guests, there might not be quite as much interaction as on a guided walking holiday but you will be able to choose who you spend the day with on your walk.

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Get a feeling of incredible self-satisfaction

While you’ll be able to revel in the achievement of completing a route or claiming a summit on both a guided and self-guided walk, on the latter you’ll have navigated it yourself, choosing where to eat, when to stop, how to make it happen. The feel-good factor from being in control shouldn’t be underestimated and you’re sure to return to the country house at the end of the day buzzing.

Ready to try a self-guided walking holiday?

If that has whetted your appetite and you want to try a self-guided walking holiday with HF, turn to our website for inspiration more inspiration. 

Self-guided walking holidays

Self-Guided Walking Holidays

If you prefer to explore independently at your own pace, try one of our Self-Guided Walking Holidays. Go where you want, when you want. Take a relaxing stroll or try something more challenging using our Discovery Points with maps, guidebooks and local walks directions to help you tailor your stay.
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