Are These Europe's Greatest Trails?

Walking in the mountains during the Eiger to the Matterhorn trail

We realise the headline is subject to much debate... and that's why we're here! Europe has undoubtedly some of the best walking trails in the world and for this reason, we have included what we think is worth your time and effort to complete; essentially the trails that are worth spending your money on. None of the trails we've picked are exactly easy, but the challenge is part of the fun and it's what makes trails unique compared to any other walking activity. 

The best hiking trails have such distinct characteristics, they can't possibly be replicated anywhere else in the world, which is one of the many reasons why we travel and explore! 

We've selected the following European trails that we think are worth a mention in this debate and it's hard for us to disagree when our guests think so highly of them. In no particular order:

Walking in the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range

Tramuntana Trail, Mallorca

Challenging! Difficult! Rewarding! Are some of the words that can be used to describe this iconic trail in Mallorca's Tramuntana mountains - a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. A good head for heights is needed! Serra de Tramuntana is an impressive mountain range Stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Tramuntana mountains- roughly 55 miles long - and very much forms the backbone of Mallorca. For anyone that loves mountain walking, the Tramuntana Trail takes you on a breathtakingly beautiful adventure of Mallorca - picturesque backdrops are not in short supply, because as you look out, there beholds the stunning Mediterranean Sea.

It goes without saying, this trail requires a high level of fitness and stamina, yet isn't that what we want from a trail? Stimulating yet exciting! Yep, we thought so too. And hey, if you really need a rest, with HF you stay at the same 4-star hotel throughout your time in Spain meaning you can take a day out if needs be. But why would you do that!

One of Europe's greatest trails? Quite possibly, and certainly up for debate as one of the most scenic and challenging trails in the world.

Ranked 4.7/5 on 'feefo', one guest was delighted with their experience:

"I completed the Tramuntana Trail and it was a beautiful and interesting walk. It was well led and well organised."


Statues of the cathedral of Santiago

Camino de Santiago, Galicia

Starting in the province of Alava, Camino De Santiago is a world-famous pilgrim trail as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Santiago de Compostela cathedral, SpainAt HF Holidays, we undertake the final stage of this spectacular trail with the goal of reaching the attractive architectural building of Santiago de Compostela. Throughout your time in Spain, you'll be staying in a mixture of hotels and apartments, that have been carefully chosen for their character, quality, friendly service and warm welcome.

If you're a lover of history and architecture, you won't be in short supply as you hike through medieval towns and villages, past castles and fortresses. There's a sense of aura, and natural feeling when you're surrounded in places steeped in history, yet walking in the same footsteps can feel surreal and so incredibly exciting.

Arguably, has this trail got to be one of the greatest?

Ranked 4.7/5 on 'feefo', our recent trip left one guest with an excellent impression of HF Holidays:

"Well organised and excellent guide."


Lush green scenery in the Cather Crossing trial

Cathar Crossing, Pyrenees

Follow the captivating story of the last of the Cathars, trace their footsteps as they fled from France to Spain, along the Bon Walking in beautiful scenery during the Cathar Crossing trialHommes path. This inspiring trail is certainly unique as you walk through mountain landscapes that display such outstanding beauty of the local scenery. However, this trail has more than just beautiful scenery, it has amazing history so you can expect to see medieval hilltop castles during your trail of Cathar Crossing. 

The Cathar Crossing feels like a proper journey as you cross from France to Spain via Andorra, you'll get the chance to experience different cultures, foods, and terrains. What's not to like? Three countries in eight days sound like a proper adventure to us! On your HF adventure, you'll enjoy the company of our trusted leader 'François' who shares his incredible knowledge of the Cathars and the region. You couldn't find a better leader! 

If you would like to explore wild mountains, steeped in history, we're pretty sure you'll rank this trail highly in Europe.

Ranked 4.5/5 on 'feefo', one guest left a very pleasing review:

"The choice of walks was very good, the leader was informative and entertaining and everything went smoothly."


Mont Blanc, France

Tour Du Mont Blanc, The Alps

The finest Alpine circuit in Europe, Tour Du Mont Blanc offers challenging conditions, a true test of fitness and strength as you tackle alpine conditions in this breathtaking mountain range spanning France, Italy, and Switzerland. 

The rewards, however, are greatly justified! Stunning panoramas accompany you Champex, Switzerlandthroughout your journey on this trail, as well as wonderful flora and fauna on display. Most importantly, a sense of achievement is the greatest reward at the end of Tour Du Mont Blanc. Come on! Why wouldn't you want to brag about that! And the memories that stay with you... priceless! Join us for an awe-inspiring experience, with unforgettable views!

Europe's greatest trail, we think so! Do you?

Ranked 4.6/5 on 'feefo', one guest achieved a lifelong dream:

"An iconic trip that fulfilled a long-held dream"


Kandersteg, Switzerland

Eiger to the Matterhorn, Switz Alps

During your journey with HF, you'll encounter two of the most infamous and recognisable The stunning scenery of Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerlandmountains in the world. Both mountains are simply magnificent and is a must-do for all mountain walkers. Stunning sights of walking in the Switz Alps are a guarantee. Discover Lake Oeschinensee, a picturesque deep blue Alpine lake, and Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is arguably the most beautiful place in the world! 

Is Eiger to the Matterhorn a challenging trail? You bet! You'll walk through the valleys, taking in rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and meadows as you hike in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Don't let this put you off, the reward is far greater than the challenge. If you're experienced mountain walker or looking for a challenging trail, what are you waiting for? Your wanderlust is calling!

Eiger to the Matterhorn has a strong case of being regarded as one Europe's Greatest Trails; scenic, challenging, fun, and unique... what more can you ask for from a trail?

Ranked 4.6/5 on 'feefo', one guest highlighted what you're missing out on:

"Outstanding leader who took into account everyone's ability. The views were outstanding, every day was different. Fantastic experience to stay one night in Triff Hut. Highlight was reaching 2940m with views of glacier and last day walking along ridge towards Matterhorn - just amazing! Another highlight was the deep blue colour of Lake Oeschinensee. Fabulous week!"


Europe's greatest trails... quite possibly! 

Now... some of the trails we've highlighted you may disagree with, but that's okay, we all have our own thoughts and opinions and if you would like to share them with us, or would like to see new European trail introduced to HF, leave a comment on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

We look forward to reading your responses.

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