Discover Winter Sun: where's best for winter sun walking holidays?


The burning question: where's best for winter sun? Where's best for sun in January and February when we haven't had any in the UK for months? How far do you have to fly to find sunshine, warmth and sand, with wild landscapes and wonderful walking?

Browse below for a collection of the best winter sun walking holiday destinations we offer, most within four hours flight time, many with no jet lag at all, and all the ideal tonic to the British winter.

Winter sun walking holidays in the Canary Islands

El Teide, Canary Island Holidays

Spanish in ethos, African in location, the Canary Islands of Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma are not what you'd expect. Looming volcanoes, prehistoric sites, lush pine forests, lunar landscapes, sandy coves and miles of Sahara-style dunes are bathed in a 20⁰C glow during winter that's just right for a walking holidays geared up for exploring a world beyond the seafront resorts.

Best time to go to the Canary Islands: January to March

Flight time to the Canary Islands: 4 hours

Time difference: GMT

La Gomera, Canary Island Holidays

The Canary Islands
Winter Sun Walking Holidays

Revel in the warmth of the winter sun as you walk in the extraordinary and diverse landscapes of the Canaries. Step off the beaten track and uncover Spain’s dramatic landscapes, vivid cultures and warm welcome on a walking holiday.

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Winter sun walking holidays in Portugal

Durdle Door

The alluring coast of the Algarve receives a lot of exposure for its breathtaking cliffs, golden beaches, scalloped bays and sandy islands but there's no shortage of other attractions: the enchanting inner Algarve is home to pretty castle towns and historic villages, cork trees and flower-covered hillsides, birdlife and a network of walking trails that crisscross its breadth. With so much to see, choose between travel to the Eastern Algarve or Western Algarve for your walking holiday.

Best time to go to the Algarve: February to April

Flight time to the Algarve: 3 hours

Time difference: GMT

Algarve, Winter Sun Holidays

The Algarve & Madeira
Winter Sun Walking Holidays

Revel in the warmth of the winter sun as you explore the levadas and beautiful gardens of Madeira, the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’. Relax as you stroll to charming fishing villages along the pretty coast of the Algarve. Relax, explore and discover in the delightful landscapes of Portugal.
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Winter sun walking holidays in Malta & Gozo

Gozo, Winter Sun Holiday

These islands pack glorious variety into small spaces, making them great choices for winter sun walking holidays. On Malta you'll find prehistoric temples, fossil-studded cliffs, hidden coves and history of remarkable intensity. There are also 300 days of sunshine every year, and English is one of the official languages, making it easy to navigate. Gozo in turn offers secluded bays, the Inland Sea, Blue Lagoon and Calypso Cave to explore.

Best time to go to Malta & Gozo: December to March

Flight time to Malta: Around 3 hours

Time difference: GMT

Malta, Winter Sun Holiday

Malta & Gozo
Winter Sun Walking Holidays

Discover the charming Maltese Islands at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, where the influences of its neighbours are evident in its history, culture and language. Come to the Maltese Islands on a guided walking holiday and revel in winter sunshine and a warm friendly welcome.
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Winter sun walking holidays in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, Winter Sun Holiday

Fly just two hours more to discover one of the world's under-rated winter sun destinations. Hidden in the mid-Atlantic, Cape Verde is an African archipelago touched with European heritage, born of volcanic fury but as beautiful as it is mysterious. Between December and March it bathes in temperatures of 25⁰C, making it an ideal seasonal escape and the prefect winter sun walking holiday.

Best time to go to Cape Verde: November to February

Flight time to Cape Verde: Around 6 hours

Time difference: GMT -1

Cape Verde, Winter Sun Holiday

Cape Verde
Winter Sun Walking Holidays

Sitting out in the Atlantic Ocean, the 10 islands that make up Cape Verde provide a winter sun island escape that’s hard to beat. Each island has its own treasures, waiting to be discovered. And when it’s time to rest, there are endless pristine sandy beaches to choose from.
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Winter sun walking holidays in Cuba

Cuba, Winter Sun Holiday

Timeworn but magnificent, fun but frequently misunderstood, Cuba is a country of indefinable magic that is slowly awakening from a long slumber. Explore beyond the beaches on a guided walking holiday to find forests, coffee plantations, rugged mountains and revolutionary folklore that make going a bit further for winter sun all the more worthwhile.

Best time to go to Cuba: January to April

Flight time to Cuba: Around 11-13 hours

Time difference: GMT -4

Cuba, Winter Sun Holiday

Winter Sun Walking Holidays

Despite all the turmoil in its history, the Cuban people have kept music and dance close to their hearts – life carries on to the backbeat of traditional salsa music and perhaps a glass or two of rum. Their beautiful island home has many other charms too with coconut-palm-lined white sand beaches and the faded grandeur of colonial buildings to discover.
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