Hi, my name's Sarah and I work for HF Holidays in our Penrith office. I was lucky enough to be asked to experience our NEW Grenada tour – a great opportunity to check out one of our worldwide holidays and make sure it was up to scratch for guests. I was so excited, I had to share my story with you! 

This was my first visit to the Caribbean, and Grenada certainly didn't disappoint. As the plane descended, I looked down onto verdant volcanic islands with white beaches and reefs, surrounded by azure waters – it was exactly like the photos!

On the transfer to Blue Horizons Garden Resort, our base for the holiday, we passed through the everyday hustle and bustle of the local area before reaching the calm and tranquillity of the hotel. With views of Grand Anse beach and the sea beyond, the peace and comfort of the resort was very welcome after my journey from England. The beach is only a short walk from the hotel, so a refreshing paddle before dinner as the sun set over the Caribbean sea was a perfect way to end the day.

I met Edwin Frank, the guide for all our holidays, the next day to begin the exploration. He’s a native Grenadian who’s lived through the recent historical events on the island. Recently retired from his role with the Grenada Tourist Board, he has a huge wealth of information and stories to tell about this enticing island and its history. Edwin really is a mine of information on Grenada, and he will add so much to your enjoyment of the holiday – plus, he’s a very accomplished harmonica player!

We travelled round the island by minibus. The ever-changing scenery – from rural villages and tropical rain forests; to mountain scenery and coastal panoramas – and Edwin’s ever-engaging commentary make every journey an adventure of discovery. Many of the roads meander quite a bit; this lack of straight roads is just another part of Grenada’s unique identity and means you get to soak up more of the island and its charms as you explore. I visited in April at the start of the dry season: the weather was hot and humid at the coast but fresher in the island’s mountainous interior, and it was often breezy so quite comfortable for walking in.

I loved the variety of the walking programme in Grenada and find it impossible to pick out my favourite parts. Some days we walked through tropical rainforest to waterfalls where inviting pools awaited, ready for us to dive in for a refreshing swim. On others, we explored rural villages and local industries to get a flavour of life on the island – rum tasting and chocolate sampling stand out as delicious highlights!

The coastal walk to Point Juedy showcased opulent Grenadian life and the ruggedly beautiful coastal scenery that is in abundance on the island; while the walks to Levera and Bathway beaches along pristine white sand with views towards the Grenadine Islands were picture postcard perfect! We spent a day in the capital city, St. George’s, exploring on foot the many historic buildings and the Museum of Grenada to learn more about the history of the island and its inhabitants. Edwin’s passionate connection with the island and its people, as well as these sightseeing visits, made me feel as if I really got to know Grenada.

Free time allowed me to further explore the local area, walk along Grand Anse beach, and swim in the sea. The resort, too, was a great place to stay: a dip in the hotel pool was most welcome at the end of a day’s activities; and the hotel balcony was a cool and breezy place to enjoy a cocktail in the evening while enjoying the views and soaking up the Caribbean atmosphere. Traditional food was often available at mealtimes and is well worth sampling to get a real taste of Grenada and to add to your overall holiday experience.

The whole trip was amazing, but my personal highlights are swimming in a tropical Caribbean waterfall pool, discovering the fascinating political history of the island, savouring unadulterated Grenadian chocolate and marvelling at the island’s dramatic coastal scenery. I loved exploring Grenada and I’m certain you will too. So, have fun discovering your Grenadian highlights – and don’t forget to tell us about them when you come back!