How fit do I need to be for your Trail holidays?

For trails, this is a question lot of guests ask and it is very difficult to answer. We want you to be confident that you can meet the demands of your Trail or Island Hopping holiday as well as enjoying yourself and having a great experience and challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to make provision for anyone who opts out on some of the sections of the holidays we offer. So we know you need to feel confident you can manage the mileage and ascent detailed in the daily itineraries featured on the website and guest information leaflets. If you do have any questions regarding your fitness for a particular holiday, or any concerns, Trails manager Annie is always happy to have a chat with you. Just email her your questions!

HF Holidays walks level 3 mediumOur Trail Grading swingometers also give you a guide to fitness and explain the terrain you may encounter. Terrain can vary greatly depending on where you are and how frequently the paths are walked. Sometimes in Scotland there are no paths at all. Coastal routes can have great paths but can be rocky or have big ascents or descents. Walking days also vary but can be anywhere between approximately 6 and 9 hours out each day. So for your own enjoyment and that of your walking companions you need to maintain the pace.

So! It makes a lot of sense to spend time getting some additional exercise before your holiday. We suggest that you try to fit in a number of longer walks, including some on hilly terrain. Other exercises such as cycling, jogging and swimming are also excellent for developing increased stamina. The more you walk beforehand the more you will feel confident to enjoy your holiday. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get fit.

And remember!....To enjoy walking whatever the weather, it is really important to wear comfortable boots that have been tested and worn-in before your holiday, combined with good socks.

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