How well do you know the Lake District - An HF Quiz

Sunrise over Windermere from Loughrigg Fell in the English Lake District
The Lake District is by far the UK's most popular national parks, with people pitching up to explore the region's fells and countryside, revel in its landscapes and enjoy its many moods. But how well do you really know this beautiful corner of the country? Take our quiz to see just how well you know the Lake District. If you're stuck and need a clue, simply click on the image to learn more. It's just-for-fun, so score yourself and see what sort of travel buff you are...
Question 1
Lake District National Park

In which year was the Lake District National Park first established?

A) 1951
B) 1959
C) 1968
D) 1975

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A) 1951

The Lake District National Park, glacial ribbon lakes, rugged fell mountains and historic literary associations, was established in 1951.

Question 2
Lake District National Park

It's England's largest national park but how much of the countryside does it cover?

A) 712 sq miles
B) 812 sq miles
C) 912 sq miles
D) 1,012 sq miles

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C) 912 sq miles

The park extends just over 32 miles from east to west and nearly 40 miles from north to south, covering a whopping 912 square miles in total.

Question 3
Lake District National Park

In what year did UNESCO recognise the significance and importance of the Lake District?

A) 1985
B) 1997
C) 2005
D) 2017

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D) 2017

The Lake District was, belatedly, inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in early July 2017. It is now part of a family of iconic places across the planet, like Easter Island, the Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon and many more.

Question 4
Lake District National Park

It's named after them but how many lakes actually are there in the Lake District?

A) 1
B) 7
C) 16
D) 24

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A) 1

Although there are 16 listed names of bodies of water in the Lake District, only one is technically classed as a lake. Bassenthwaite Lake, situated in the north of the region near Keswick - the others all include alternative names for a body of water within their title, such as a ‘mere’ (Buttermere for example), or a ‘water’ (as in Ullswater).

Question 5

If Windermere is England's longest lake, which Cumbrian stretch of water is the country's deepest?

A) Derwentwater
B) Haweswater
C) Ullswater
D) Wastwater

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D) Wastwater

The deepest lake in the Lake District and in England is Wastwater, at 74m (243 feet).

Question 6

Scafell Pike and Scafell are the two highest peaks in England but what's the third?

A) Skiddaw
B) Helvellyn
C) Bowfell
D) Great Gable

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B) Helvellyn

Helvellyn is the highest point of the Helvellyn range, a north–south line of mountains to the north of Ambleside, between the lakes of Thirlmere and Ullswater.

Question 7
Wainwright bagging

How many fells did Alfred Wainwright include in his seven Pictorial Guides?

A) 167
B) 182
C) 198
D) 214

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D) 214

Wainwright, a passionate advocate of the Lake District, described 214 fells in his iconic seven-volume guide to the region.

Question 8
Haystacks Hill

But which of the fells did Wainwright hold to be his own personal favourite?

A) Coniston Old Man
B) Haystacks
C) Hard Knott
D) Crag Fell

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B) Haystacks

Although not of any great elevation (597 m, 1,958 ft), Haystacks has become one of the most popular fells in the area, in part due to the writings of Wainwright, who espoused its attractions and chose it as the place where he wanted his ashes scattered.

Question 9
Lake District Guided Walking Holiday

Wordsworth is similarly associated with the Lakes but in which year did he publish his guide to them?

A) 1805
B) 1810
C) 1815
D) 1820

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B) 1810

Originally published in 1810, Wordsworth's Guide to the Lakes gives a first-hand account of his feelings about the unique countryside that was the source of his inspiration.

Question 10
Langdale Pikes

Can you name this famous collection of fells?

A) Scafells
B) Langdale Pikes
C) Tiberthwaite Fells
D) Dunnerdale Fells

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B) Langdale Pikes

Among the best-known features of Great Langdale are the Langdale Pikes, a group of peaks on the northern side of the dale. From below, they appear as a sharp rocky ridge, though they are precipitous only on their southern side.

Question 11
Sharp Edge

Which is this classic Lake District scramble?

A) Striding Edge
B) Swirral Edge
C) Sharp Edge
D) St Raven's Edge

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C) Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge is a route to Blencathra's summit - it's a classic scramble made special by its look and position above Scales Tarn.

Question 12
Bala Lake

Which famous Lake District crag is this?

A) Bowfell Buttress
B) Castle Crag
C) Great Gable
D) Black Crag

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C) Great Gable

Named for its appearance as a pyramid from Wasdale, though it is dome-shaped from most other directions.

Question 13
Castlerigg Stone Circle

Can you identify this famlous stone circle?

A) Castlerigg
B) Cockpit
C) Burnmoor
D) Swinside

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A) Castlerigg

Castlerigg is perhaps the most atmospheric and dramatically sited of all British stone circles, with panoramic views and the mountains of Helvellyn and High Seat as a backdrop. It's also among the earliest British circles, raised in about 3000BC.

Question 14
Wray Castle

Do you know which castle this is?

A) Lowther Castle
B) Kendall Castle
C) Sizergh Castle
D) Wray Castle

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D) Wray Castle

Wray Castle is a National Trust owned family friendly mock-Gothic castle on the shores of Lake Windermere with turrets, towers and informal grounds.

Question 15
Ashness Bridge

Where would you be to catch this view?

A) Stockley Bridge
B) Ashness Bridge
C) Loughrigg Terrace
D) Silver Point

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B) Ashness Bridge

Ashness Bridge is a traditional stone-built bridge on the single-track road from the Borrowdale road to Watendlath, and is famous for being a fine viewpoint across Borrowdale towards Skiddaw.

Question 16
Cat Bells

Which popular hill climb is this?

A) Coniston Old Man
B) Holme Fell
C) Cat Bells
D) Seathwaite Fell

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C) Cat Bells

The iconic peak sits enticingly above the town of Keswick and Derwent Water. It’s universally loved, and for good reason – the panoramic views of the Lake District from its summit are the perfect introduction to the national park’s mirror-like lakes, wild mountains and lush valleys.

Question 17

If you took this boat which lake would you be on?

A) Derwentwater
B) Coniston Water
C) Windermere
D) Ullswater

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D) Ullswater

Ullswater is the second largest lake in England surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

Question 18

Can you identify this distinctive silhouette?

A) Blencathra
B) Skiddaw
C) Crinkle Crags
D) Wandope

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A) Blencathra

Blencathra, also known as Saddleback, is one of the most northerly hills in the English Lake District. It has six separate fell tops, of which the highest is the Hallsfell Top at 868m.

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