Extraordinary locations you won't believe are in the UK - An HF Quiz

Fairy Pools Waterfall on the Isle of Skye -

Staycations are booming right now and the trend to explore the UK has never been greater. Local needn't mean lacklustre though because there are hatfuls of beautiful places to discover on our doorstep as part of a walking holiday. Some of the natural beauty spots and locations are so breathtaking you might not believe they are in the UK though. Take our quiz full of surprising tidbits and find out a bit more about the incredible range of landscapes and locations right on your doorstep. It’s just-for-fun, so score yourself and see how well you do

Question 1
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Is this France?

This impressive island home looks familiar, and has a mirror image equivalent on the Continent, but where is it?

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A) St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Normandy's Mont-Saint-Michel might be what you're thinking of but this is the tidal island of Saint Michael's Mount, near Marazion in Cornwall, which is linked to the mainland by a man-made causeway of granite setts, passable between mid-tide and low water. Visit when you stay at Chy Morvah in St Ives!

Question 2
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Is this Italy?

You could be strolling on the Amalfi Coast but this Italiante town is somewhere very different...

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A) Portmeirion

The enchanting Italian style village of Portmeirion sits on the coast of north Wales. Designed by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, it's a tribute to the atmnosphere of the Mediterranean, and sat at the foot of Snowdnonia makes a charming dislocation. Discover it from Dolserau Hall!

Question 3
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Is this China?

There are several iconic walls to walk around the world but where would you find this one?

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A) Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

OK, it’s not quite as monumental as the Great Wall of China, but the magnificent structure that marks the northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire is still mighty impressive, and a walk along its length is literally to be walking through history. Trek the complete Wall or join us to discover the best bits.

Question 4
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Is this the Caribbean?

Chilly sea aside you could be in the Caribbean just looking at that water. Where are you really?

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A) Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris

The Caribbean this is not. In fact, sugar-white, turquoise-lapped Luskentyre Beach is on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. It might take almost as long to reach as the Caribbean, but once there, you can walk along blissfully empty sands and dunes and explore the surrounding machair plains.

Question 5
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Is this Greece?

Where would you have to be to catch a performance in this stunningly-sited setting?

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A) Minack Theatre, Cornwall

Although it has all the hallmarks of a Greek amphitheatre and might be better suited to an island in the Med, Cornwall's Minack Theatre in fact sits above the Atlantic Ocean on a rocky granite outcrop jutting into the sea. Bag a seat when you stay at Chy Morvah.

Question 6
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Is this Nepal?

These rugged peaks and cliffs could be in Nepal. Or might they in fact be in North Wales?

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A) Glyderau, North Wales

It’s the latter. Edmund Hilary trained for Everest on the craggy summits of Snowdonia’s Glyderau. Although the mountain group may only each heights of 1,000m, they don’t scrimp on being wild and spectacular. Tryfan is the peak to pick for scrambles but the whole area offers a wide variety of walking, accessible from Dolserau Hall or as part of the Snowdonia Way Guided Trail.

Question 7
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Is this Yosemite?

You don't have to leave the UK for beautiful vistas, but where would you be gazing on this one?

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A) Wasdale Valley, Lake District

Wasdale Valley in the Lake District looks a lot like Yosemite.Ok, so it’s not quite as mountainous or as vast but the region does have England’s deepest lake and Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain nearby. Explore when you stay at Derwent Bank.

Question 8
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Is this Rajasthan?

These turrets and domes are typical of Asia, but not in this instance. Where are they?

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A) Royal Pavilion, Brighton

While the styling might be a reminder of the Raj and temples in India, this is Brighton’s very own Royal Pavilion, once a royal residence and seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became George IV in 1820. Now a Grade I listed architectural landmark, you might fancy visiting from Abingworth Hall in the South Downs.

Question 9
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Is this the Mediterranean?

These emerald blue waters belong further afield but are in fact much closer to home. Where?

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A) Kynance Cove, Cornwall

With its stunning sea, a slip of white sand revealed by the tide, shaky sea stacks and tucked-away caves, Kynance Cove in Cornwall feels like it should be in the Med, especially when flowers colour the cliff tops and basking sharks arrive offshore. Stroll the cliff paths here when you stay at Chy Morvah.

Question 10
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Is this Provence?

Lilac swathes are forever associated with Provence, but not here or in this instance...

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A) Heacham, Norfolk

Since 1932 the fields of Heacham have turned lilac with lavender blooms. There are nearly 100 acres of fields under cultivation and during the summer the air is full of the exotic fragrance. Stop in to see for yourself when travelling to or from the Norfolk Coast Path.

Question 11
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Is this Alaska?

This lonely lighthouse looks out to see from a dramatic section of coastline. But where?

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A) South Stack, Anglesey

This lookout beacon stands on Landdwyn Island, off the west coast of Anglesey. Come for the views while walking the Anglesey Coast Path and stay to watch flocks breeding seabirds including cormorants, shags and oystercatchers.

Question 12
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Is this France?

These vines might belong in the Champagne region of France but where are they here?

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A) Dorset

England has a growing reputation for its wines. Where the Sussex wines led, Dorset vineyards, which share the same geology and a similar climate, are following. Combine wine sampling sessions with stunning Dorset downland walks for the perfect short break.

Question 13
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Is this Norway?

This impressive natural feature wouldn't look out of place in a longhaul location but it's right here in the UK...

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A) Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

At 3 miles long and almost 120m deep, Cheddar Gorge is England’s largest gorge, carved from the Mendips limestone a million years ago. Look out for dramatic cliffs and stunning stalactite caverns.

Question 14
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Is this Iceland?

This otherworldly landscape looks like a setting for Game of Thrones, or at least like it belongs in Iceland

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A) Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides has a hugely indented coastline and a mountainous interior full of wonderful features. Look out for rocky pinacles and fairy pools filled by seemingly vibrant blue and green cascades as part of our island hopping holiday, Hebridean Hopscotch.

Question 15
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Is this Madeira?

A stroll through these gardens will transport you to a subtropical paradise while in the UK...
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A) Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isles of Scilly

Tresco Abbey Gardens on the island of Tresco comprise 17 acres of gardens around a Benedictine Abbey, originally established by Augustus Smith in the 19th Century. Here, spring comes early, autumn stays late and winter hardly exists. Discover the unique beauty of the whoile archipelago on an island hopping holiday around the Isles of Scilly.


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