Recipes from our Chefs - Valentine's Day Trio of Lamb

Welsh Lamb Trio

At all our UK country houses food plays a central part. Meals are varied and tasty, with a strong emphasis on ingredients from the area and seasonal produce. Here our chefs take the opportunity to share some of their creations with delicious recipes from the HF kitchens for you to try at home.

Below, Sean, Head Chef at Nythfa House in the Brecon Beacons treats us to a special Valentine's Day cooking demo of Trio of Welsh lamb, herb crusted rack, mini Lancashire hotpot, lamb kofta, minted spinach and peas, parsnip and potato hash served with lamb gravy – follow the recipe below or watch Sean in action on the video and give his recipe a go.

Sean's Valentine's Day Trio of Lamb


1 Rack of lamb
100g Roast lamb leg
500ml Lamb stock
1 small onion  - diced

1 ½ carrots
1 celery stick - diced
2 Parsnip - grated
2 Spuds - grated

100g melted butter
200g mixed chopped herbs
200g Panko bread crumbs


1. Start by dicing up all the vegetables as in the video and reserve.

2. Next trim the lamb rack as in the video and mince up the off cuts.

3. Start be making the parsnip hash cakes. Combine the grated parsnips, potatoes and melted butter then season. Shape into three round balls and cook in a hot oiled pan for five minutes each side. Reserve when cooked and keep warm.

4. Next make the Lancashire hotpots, sweat the diced carrot, onion, celery in a sauce pan, deglaze the pan with a slush of beer, then add lamb stock, cook out for ten minutes the add the left over roast lamb chunks. Next pour the mixture into two ramekins and top with sliced spuds until golden and cooked. Keep warm until needed.

5. Next blitz the herbs and bread crumbs in a food processor and season.

6. Now take the minced lamb and mix with a tables spoon of the bread crumb mix. Add a pinch of curry powder and shape into koftas. Pan fry until cooked through.

7. Finally sear the rack of lamb and brush with English mustard, followed by the herby bread crumbs. Roast for 10 minutes at 160degrees for medium rare.

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Pretty country pile Nythfa House stands above the traditional mid-Wales market town of Brecon and sits within easy reach of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Having spent its early life as a large private house, the building has been converted into a comfortable country hotel. The interiors look like they’ve evolved naturally over time, staying rooted in the local area and house architecture while being filled with contemporary furniture and colours.
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