Why solo travel should be your 2024 challenge

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The idea of solo travel sparks much curiosity. We’re often in awe of the friend or family member who puts themselves first and grabs the chance to explore the world on their own terms. We’re almost envious of their liberating experiences; from making no compromises to doing everything or nothing at their own pace. The clichés all seem to ring true. They have the complete freedom to visit new places, strike up conversations with total strangers, make new friends, and revel in the satisfaction that they are braver than they think.  

Once you dispel the myth that going away on your own means being alone, the joys of solo travel are immeasurable. Stepping out of your comfort zone for a journey of self-discovery can be liberating and you may even surprise yourself by enjoying it more than you expect to. 

Here’s why it’s worth challenging yourself to travel solo in 2024. 

Boost your self-confidence

For many, travelling solo becomes an exercise in making your own decisions, taking control, and demonstrating strength of character. Even if you find unfamiliar situations anxiety-inducing, self-confidence is a skill you’ll quickly pick up when travelling alone or in a small group. It will also make you more equipped to manage unfamiliar situations when you return to your everyday life.

Stick to your original plan

You may get questioned by family and friends about your solo travel choice – or worse still, looks of discouragement or sympathy about wanting to travel by yourself. To avoid uncomfortable conversations, explain firmly that this is your decision and something that you are doing on your own terms.

Older lady walking by herself in woods

Be okay with being by yourself

Don’t feel that you constantly have to explain your reasoning for travelling solo – nobody is judging. This style of travel is ideal for strengthening your relationship with yourself and learning how to enjoy your own company (often hard to achieve in our busy lives). Equally, having time alone to explore new places and deal with brand-new social situations can be empowering.

Learn how to connect with strangers

Solo travel offers a fabulous opportunity to connect with strangers who soon become friends. You’ll meet like-minded people of different ages and backgrounds but will have a lot in common by embarking on the same adventure in the same destination. Also, not everyone is part of a couple or friendship group – you’ll find plenty of solo travellers just like you.

Pisac town artisan market, Peru

Try things you normally wouldn’t do

Travelling solo is a great opportunity to try new things that you wouldn’t do in your normal life. Things as simple as ordering something unfamiliar in a restaurant, using your free day to relax with a book, browsing local markets, or taking a taxi and chatting to the driver will offer you a new perspective.

Learn the local language

Communicating in the local language is always valued. You don’t need to be fluent – simply know the basics such as please, thank you, plus a few key phrases that will come in handy for accommodation, shopping, dining, and your wellbeing. It’s also helpful when it comes to stopping a stranger and asking them to take your photo.

Budget only for yourself

Holidays for solo travellers tend to be more cost effective. You can aim to save money at every step; from booking off-season for the best deals to strategising on meal plans. You may fancy having a larger breakfast to cut the cost at lunch but allow for that extra glass of wine at dinner.

Look out for money-saving deals with no single supplements

Unlike other tour operators, we don’t charge solo travellers a single room supplement for stays at our country houses. And if you book a country house holiday with us departing before 31 March 2024 and no single room is available, we’ll give you a double room at no extra cost. This offer applies to all holidays at our country houses. Read the T&Cs here. 

Solo traveller sat at the end of a jetty

Pick the right destination

Gather as much knowledge about the place you want to visit. Visualise the kind of holiday you want as a single traveller and consider the type of location and climate that most appeals. Also check that you have the correct travel documents before departing and that your passport and visa (if required) is valid.

Know yourself a whole lot better

One thing you can be certain of is that by the end of your holiday you’ll have discovered things about yourself that you may not have realised at the start. Self-reflection is often an integral part of the experience, and you’ll rediscover what interests you as an individual.

Appreciate the solo experience

Many solo travellers are appreciative of having time to fully tune into different cultures and meet all sorts of people. This rich experience also teaches you how capable you really are when it comes to doing something just for yourself.

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Published 25th January 2024