World Travel Trivia - An HF Quiz

Mt. Fuji with Chureito Pagoda, Fujiyoshida, Japan
Travel: we think that we know all about it, right? Wrong. Scratch beneath the surface and it turns out we usually know less than we think about the wider world. Do you know which country has the most time zones, or where you'd spend a fistful of baht for instance? Take our travel trivia quiz full of surprising tidbits and find out a bit more about the world. It's just-for-fun, so score yourself and see what sort of travel buff you are...
Question 1
Switzerland guided walking holiday

What is Europe’s most mountainous country?

A) Austria
B) France
C) Norway
D) Switzerland

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D) Switzerland

The two main mountain ranges in Switzerland are the Alps (south and east) and the Jura (north and west), separated by the Swiss Plateau which also includes a large number of hills.

Question 2
Thailand guided walking holiday

In which country would you spend the currency baht?

A) Cambodia
B) Thailand
C) Laos
D) Vietnam

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B) Thailand

Baht is the official currency of Thailand. It is divided into 100 satang. Currently, £1 is worth about 39 THB.

Question 3
Canada guided walking holiday

Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

A) Norway
B) Philippines
C) Australia
D) Canada

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D) Canada

Canada has the most coast of all - a staggering 152,000 miles - though the chilly waters mean it's far from ideal for beachgoers.

Question 4
Japan guided walking holidays

What is the only country in the world to be ruled by an Emperor ?

A) Bhutan
B) Japan
C) Thailand
D) Sri Lanka

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B) Japan

The only emperor in the world today is the Emperor of Japan (tennō), but he lacks political power. The true leaders of Japan are the Diet and Prime Minister because the country is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Question 5
Cuba guided walking holiday

If you were having a cocktail at Bodeguitta del Medio in Havana what would you (probably) be drinking?

A) Cuba Libre
B) Daiquiri
C) Mojito
D) Canchanchara

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C) Mojito

Made famous thanks to the rum-swilling exploits of Ernest Hemingway, this is Havana's most celebrated bar, where people flock to try the mojitos that the writer so enjoyed.

Question 6
Nepal guided walking holidays

What is the only country in the world not to have a rectangular flag?

A) Morocco
B) Ecuador
C) Nepal
D) Jordan

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C) Nepal

The official flag of Nepal is the only non rectangular flag in the world. The flags take the shape of two triangular pennants, which represent the country's relationship with the Himalayas. It has a crimson red background with blue edges and features a stylised sun and moon.

Question 7
Orient Express Railway

Which two cities did the original Orient Express travel between?

A) Paris and Istanbul
B) London and Venice
C) Paris and Budapest
D) London and Vienna

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A) Paris and Istanbul

The route and rolling stock of the Orient Express changed many times. The two city names most prominently associated with the Orient Express are Paris and Constantinople (Istanbul), the original endpoints of the timetabled service.

Question 8
Japan guided walking holiday

Which capital city famed for its food has the most Michelin stars in the world?

A) London
B) Paris
C) Copenhagen
D) Tokyo

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D) Tokyo

While France may be the home of the Michelin guide, the country that boasts the greatest number of Michelin restaurants is Japan. Tokyo alone boasts 225 Michelin-star restaurants.

Question 9
Grenada guided walking holiday

Which island in the southeastern Caribbean Sea is also known as the 'Island of Spice'?

A) Barbados
B) Cuba
C) Grenada
D) Antigua

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C) Grenada

In the far south of the Caribbean, Grenada is known as "the Spice Island" for the fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and cocoa that flourish in its fertile volcanic soil.

Question 10
Vietnam guided walking holiday

In 1976 Saigon in Vietnam changed it’s name to what...?

A) Hanoi
B) Hoi An
C) Nha Trang
D) Ho Chi Minh City

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D) Ho Chi Minh City

The city was the capital of South Vietnam until the end of the Vietnam War with the North Vietnamese victory in 1975. In 1976, the government of a unified Vietnam renamed Saigon to its current official name, in honour of the communist leader Ho Chi Minh.

Question 11
New Zealand guided walking holiday

What is the most southerly capital in the world?

A) Buenos Aires
B) Wellington
C) Canberra
D) Santiago

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B) Wellington

New Zealand's capital, Wellington, sits at the southwestern tip of North Island near the Cook Strait. The city is the second largest in New Zealand (after Auckland), and at 41 south latitude, it is the southernmost capital city in the world.

Question 12
Grand Canyon guided walking holiday

Which river formed the Grand Canyon?

A) Colorado
B) Arizona
C) Utah
D) California

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A) Colorado

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided canyon carved over time by the Colorado River in Arizona.

Question 13
Madagascar guided walking holiday

Where would you be walking down this impressive avenue of imposing trees?

A) Namibia
B) Jordan
C) Madagascar
D) Sri Lanka

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C) Madagascar

The Avenue of the Baobabs is a prominent group of centuries-old Grandidier's baobabs (Adansonia grandidieri) lining the dirt road in the Menabe region of western Madagascar.

Question 14
Alaska Guided walking holiday

They like things big but, by land area, which is the biggest state in the USA?

A) Texas
B) Montana
C) California
D) Alaska

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D) Alaska

Alaska has more land area than Texas, California & Montana combined. In fact, Alaska accounts for more than 17% of the land area in the United States.

Question 15
France guided walking holidays

Which country has the most time zones, if you take into account overseas territories?

A) Russia
B) France

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B) France

France has more time zones (12) than Russia (11) despite the difference in size between both countries. Overseas France consists of all French-administered territories outside continental Europe such as French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe and Réunion.

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