Evergreen Insurance services

HF Holidays is pleased to be able to introduce Evergreen Insurance Services.  Like us, Evergreeen aims to partner with likeminded businesses which are environmentally responsible and share our same values for protecting our natural world. 

Everyone needs insurance whether it is for businesses or personal needs, Evergreen can help.  From environmental consultancy, food, manufacturing, renewal energy, transportation through to personal homes, cars, holidays, travel, life and pets.  Evergreen offers a personal service from their offices in Surrey, the arrangement of every insurance policy secures another donation to support their charity partners.  Evergreen has partnered with A rated insurers and have access into the Lloyds markets, along with over 100 years combined insurance experience, they can help you and if you are a business client insuring with Evergreen can contribute towards your own corporate social responsibility.  Evergreen believes in straight forward customer service, no complicated phone systems you can call them during office hours or you can request a quote from their website by submitting an enquiry to them 24/7, Evergreen will always respond and treat you as an individual helping you with your enquiry – check out their latest reviews >

In partnership with Evergreen Insurance Services In partnership with Evergreen Insurance Services In partnership with Evergreen Insurance Services

“With a lifelong passion for our natural world, it is important to Evergreen that they do everything they can to help protect our environment.  Through the choices we make on a day to day basis, reducing our impact on waste and becoming more energy efficient.  If we make alternative choices we can help make a difference, business can play a huge part in this.  Evergreen Insurance Services was founded in 2017 as an opportunity to provide businesses and consumers with the insurance solutions they need, whilst also giving back to support our natural world.  Evergreen donates up to 25% of their earnings back to one of their nature charity partners, helping to support their vital work, protecting living landscapes and habitats for species that are under threat. From local wildlife rescue centres through to global protection programs Evergreen’s aim is to help with ongoing funding through the arrangement of insurance.

David Gardiner, Founding Director Evergreen Insurance Services

To find out more about Evergreen and request your quote then please visit their website www.evergreeninsuranceservices.co.uk or call on 020 3372 2160.

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