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Enjoy the flavours of Britain at our UK country housesThe Flavours of Britain

Stay at our country houses and be treated to excellent food that fuels your body and tantalises your tastebuds from the moment you get up.

We know our guests love good food and we recognise that it is one of the most important aspects when on holiday. We therefore pay particular attention to providing cuisine that stands out for its quality, flavour and provenance. Our chefs work closely with suppliers to source the best produce and our menus reflect the seasons, so we keep food miles down and select ingredients according to what’s growing in local fields.

Included in every UK country house stay, delicious cooked breakfast, extensive picnic lunch, 3-course evening meal and afternoon tea on arrival dayEvery day at our UK country houses starts with a delicious cooked breakfast. We focus on the best ingredients right from the off – British Lion stamped eggs, sausages specially created for us by nearby butchers and locally produced jams and marmalade make breakfast time something special.

This focus on quality continues to the evening meals. Meat travels a short distance and is ethically farmed. We only use local vegetable suppliers and, at our coastal locations, fish comes from the local port where we often know the name of the boat’s captain!

From delicious Welsh lamb through to sumptuous seafood on the south coast, we ensure we make the most of our country houses’ great locations! We’re committed to consistently delivering quality food but this isn’t just about choosing the best ingredients – it’s also about the thought that goes into creating each meal!

Take our packed lunched, for example. Our guests are walking long distances over several hours, and we need to ensure they have the right food to keep them going throughout their day’s explorations, no matter how far that may be. Created by walkers, for walkers, they feature healthy snacks bursting with slow-release carbs to give our guests a steady stream of energy throughout the whole day. Fresh sandwiches, homemade flapjacks and more make this a packed lunch to remember!

Sean, our chef at Dolserau Hall, DolgellauA short Q&A with Sean, our chef at Dolserau Hall, Dolgellau:

How important is good food to HF Holidays’ guests? Do you concentrate on Welsh Cuisine or international dishes at Dolgellau? What would you say is your signature dish?
Very! Holidays are all about indulgence and treats so they expect the highest standard; it’s not just about replacing calories they might burn up if they are out and about. We focus on classic dishes cooked with modern techniques, fuelling our guests while creating anticipation at mealtimes. I take classic Welsh dishes and give them a modern twist. We pride ourselves on quality produce, from our world-renowned salt marsh lamb, Welsh black beef, Swansea bay cockles and Menai Bridge mussels to simple winter leeks and summer samphire My signature dish is an assiette of Welsh lamb – herb and pistachio-crusted rack, crispy braised belly, miniature Shepherd’s pie with creamed leeks and home-smoked bacon, roast celeriac puree, potato & leek terrine, charred asparagus and rosemary gravy

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