The Environment

At HF Holidays we're passionate about doing our bit to reduce the environmental impact of our holidays. Here are a few of our current initiatives, including replacing single-use plastics and improving the energy efficiency of our country houses:

Green Tourism Awards

Monk Coniston - Gold Award by Green TourismGreen Tourism is an organisation that HF Holidays have been working with since 2016 initially with our country house Derwent Bank in the Northern Lake District. This accreditation is designed for tourism businesses and looks at all aspects of sustainability including water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and social and ethical choices. Following an assessment, either a Bronze, Silver or Gold grading is awarded.

Al our Country House teams have been working towards their assessments - we have set ourselves the challenge of all our country houses achieving a Gold award within 3 years.

Country House Grading awarded 
Freshwater Bay House Gold
Monk Coniston Gold
Alltshellach Silver
Craflwyn Hall Silver
Derwent Bank Silver
Dolserau Hall Silver 
Larpool Hall Silver 
Newfield Hall Silver 
Nythfa House Silver 
Peveril of the Peak Silver
Thorns Hall Silver 


Single-use plastics

Vegware packagingLike many organisations, we are keen to substantially reduce our use of single use plastics. Over the next 3 years, we're aiming to remove these items from across our business.

By the start of our 2019 main season, we will have removed all single-use plastics from our picnic lunches. We're currently working with a company called Vegware who provide a more sustainable alternative to our plastic sandwich boxes. They use a plastic substitute that can be composted; this is made entirely from plant material, mainly corn starch.

Looking ahead, we're also planning to replace the disposable toiletries in our bedrooms with a more sustainable alternative. We're working with our current supplier to find a high-quality solution.

For the start of the main 2019 season, all houses will have an outdoor tap providing drinking water. This will enable all guests to top up their drinking vessels without having to buy bottled water.

Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings is one of the most effective ways that we can improve our sustainability. In 2018 we replaced all the lighting in the public areas of our Country Houses with LED bulbs - these use considerably less electricity than traditional bulbs.

When we refurbish buildings we aim to install better insulation and more modern boilers. We currently operate two large bio-mass boilers at Glen Coe and Church Stretton.

Finally, the growth in popularity of electric cars has been recognised. We're planning to install our first electric charging point at our Church Stretton Country House.


Hf Holidays bees beekeeping hive inspectionWithout bees, there’d be no honey, no fruit, and no vegetables! Bees are key to the survival of our fruit and vegetables as they pollinate them (carry pollen from one flower to another) to help them grow.

Here at HF Holidays, we’re doing our bit to help. Working with local beekeepers, we’ve set up hives in the grounds of our country houses at Selworthy, Freshwater Bay, Derwent Bank and Abingworth and now you can help too.

Find out more about our HF Bee Heroes.



We are all really proud of the achievements to date, and the work that has been put in by our teams to protect the environment. If you would like any further information on the programme, please visit the website

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