Investing for Growth

An appeal for investment. Help us grow your company

Cheryl Hunnisett

As the UK's only holiday co-operative any investment raised from you, our members, through the purchase of new or additional shares in HF Holidays is directly invested back into our properties.

Cheryl Hunnisett: Chair, HF Holidays

We need your help

With a clear focus on our core purpose and a strong growth in occupancy levels, we want to press on with investment in HF Holidays.

Investment from our members:

  • Helps us provide you with a better holiday
  • Helps us to increase the financial strength of the Society
  • Helps us attract and keep the next generation of HF guests and members
  • Helps us to reduce our environmental footprint

What we are asking for

Much of our investment will be funded by cash generated from our holiday operations and, possibly, mortgages. However, as potentially one of the original 'crowd funders', we would prefer our members to provide a good proportion of the investment and to benefit from the returns generated.

Over the next five years, we aim to work our way through some of the following projects:

Craflwyn Hall, Wales Freshwater Bay, upgraded room Peveril of the Peak
The improvement and expansion of some of our smaller properties such as Abingworth Hall, Craflwyn Hall and Dolserau Hall The replacement of old chalet accommodation – upgrading or replacing old chalets with high quality accommodation to include private patios, balconies and improved gardens at Brecon, Selworthy, Derwentbank & Glencoe The purchase of Peveril of the Peak, subject to satisfactory negotiations with the current owner – or an alternative replacement property if not

Ways to Increase your investment

 Increasing your investment with HF Holidays is as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Decide how much you would like to invest - from £100 minimum starting shares to becoming an investment member with £1000
  2. Download our investment form (pdf) and, once completed, email it to us at
  3. Alternatively, call our Membership Team on 020 8732 1220 or 020 8732 1290

Every bit of new or increased investment will go into improving our UK properties, enhancing the experience of our guests, reducing our environmental footprint, helping attract and keep the next generation of guests, and building the financial strength of the Society.

  • If 350 members who hold the minimum £100 of shares, invested another £100, we could afford to knock down an old chalet and replace it with a brand new building.
  • If 100 members raised their investment levels to £1000 of shares, we are part way to improving and expanding our Snowdon property. At this level of shareholding you also become an investment member, which brings with it additional benefits.
  • If 50 investment members bought an extra £5,000 of shares we would begin to build a substantial fund to buy Peveril of the Peak - or an alternative property if we cannot negotiate the right price - meaning that we will need a lower level of mortgage from the bank.

(In normal circumstances, you can sell your shares back to us at any moment but there are some conditions around this, see Rule 13 of the Rules of the Society.) 

Recent use of member investment

Over the last four years we have used the funds raised from the purchase of shares by new members, and of additional shares by existing members, to help:

  • Refurbish over half of our UK bedrooms, bringing them up to the quality and aesthetic standards expected by today's guests, while dealing with behind the scene issues such as water pressure, electrics and rotten timbers. This programme has been completed at West Lulworth House, Selworthy, Sedbergh, Whitby, Freshwater, Coniston and Derwentbank. Bourton and Brecon will be finished for the 2018 season.
  • Purchase Church Stretton. This is our most popular and financially successful house, making a major contribution to providing great holidays and the financial performance of the Society. With its central location, and convenient transport links, it is helping HF Holidays introduce many new guests to the pleasures of walking in the UK and the less well-known joys of the Shropshire Hills.
  • Improve upon the environmental footprint of our UK houses. When we undergo a major refurbishment of a house we also take steps to reduce our ongoing energy consumption. This includes the replacement of inefficient boilers, the fitting of thermostatic valves, the installation of lower water usage appliances, and the use of carpets and other items made from recycled and recyclable materials. This approach helped us achieve Green Tourism awards at all of our houses in 2017, including two Gold level awards at Consiton and Freshwater.

The programme of bedroom refurbishments is set to continue at the same rate over the next five years and we are well-placed to fund this through the money generated from operations and the current level of member investment from new and existing members.

The personal benefits of membership

As shareholding members, you already enjoy the benefits of membership, including:

  • Member-only holidays and the chance to pre-register for a future holiday
  • Member loyalty scheme - earn Holiday Rewards to gain discounts on your holidays
  • 10% off your bar bill when you stay at our country houses
  • Partner discounts, including Cotswold Outdoor (15% for members, 20% for investment members), Paramo (10% off), Rohan (15% discount for members and 20% discount for investment members) and Hi-Tec (25% off), Dash4it Online Map Store - Ordnance Survey Maps (45% off) and AA Road Mapping (42% off)
  • An annual interest, which has averaged 1.7% over the last six years

Not yet a member?

If you are considering becoming a member, why not join our unique organisation. As well as the benefits above, you'll no longer be charged the £10 non-members fee on your holidays. To compare types of investment and benefit, or to download a membership application form, visit our dedicated membership joining page.

Thank you for your support

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