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You can become an HF Holidays member with as little as £100 investment, and as much as £25,000 – it really is for you to decide. 

There isn’t an annual subscription and as a member, you can withdraw your shares at any point. We have a whole host of membership benefits for you including our Holiday Reward Scheme .

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Types, investments and benefits

  Standard Investment Group
Minimum Investment£100£1,000£100
Return on your investment
Annual interest on your shareholding 
 Included in your stay Included in your stay Included in your stay
Member only news
Keep up to date with all the latest news and offers 
 Included in your stay Included in your stay 
Member only holiday offers
Published within your magazine
 Included in your stay Included in your stay 
Advanced booking
New dates and holidays are offered to members first! 
 Included in your stay Included in your stay 
10% off the bar at our Houses and 15% off purchases from Cotswold Outdoor
 Included in your stay Included in your stay 
Vote for the board of directors
(or run yourself) 
 Included in your stay Included in your stay 
Investment Member's Dinner  Included in your stay 
Roll of honour   Included in your stay 
Book as a Club
Every member of your party benefits from your member price
   Included in your stay
FREE Public Liability Insurance
So you and your group are protected
(for UK based groups only)
   Included in your stay
WIN a weekend holiday for two!
Drawn annually at our AGM meeting
   Included in your stay

*Terms & Conditions for Investments
•HFH is a co-operative society, and as such is owned by its members
•Each share is worth £1 and that doesn't change as we do not speculate your investment on the stock market
•Ideally, buying shares should be considered as a mid- to long-term investment
•Membership commences with the purchase of 100 £1 shares (up to a max of 25,000)
•Your shares are known as 'withdrawable share capital' and as such you may request to withdraw your shares at any time, subject to the Rules of the Society, which gives authority to the Board of Directors to suspend withdrawals in any financial year or indefinitely, in the interests of the Society
•If you withdraw the shares, you get your money back, plus any interest that may have been applied
•If you have 100 or more shares, interest is applied annually, up to 6-months after the year of account and backdated to 1 November of the previous year
•Like any financial investment, there may be risk should the Society get into difficulties
•You are not liable for any debts of the Society
•HF Holidays is registered under the Financial Conduct Authority but is not covered under the FCA's financial guarantee scheme


Holiday Rewards

Our Holiday Rewards scheme offers members the opportunity to earn points for every holiday booked with us. The points can then be redeemed against the price of a future holiday.

Earning Holiday Reward Points

Earn 1 Reward Point for every £1 spent on an HF holiday! Points are allocated based on the net price of the holiday, which is rounded up to the nearest pound, and the lead booker is allocated the points. If you join membership whilst on holiday, you will get your points added to your account for that stay.

Redeeming Holiday Rewards

Each point is equal to 1p off the price of a future holiday, and are valid for 2 years from the date of issue. The points get taken off of the net value of the holiday.

We host special promotions on our reward points so check your e-newsletters regularly to ensure you know when these events are taking place!

*Terms & Conditions for the Reward Point scheme
•Reward points issued will be valid to redeem on any new holiday booked within two calendar years from date of issue
•Points earned are on the net price charged for the holiday, as stated on the invoice. For the purposes of allocating the points, the net invoiced price will be rounded up to the nearest pound
•Rewards are only earned by guests who are members on the day of departure and awarded to the lead booker only
•New members joining whilst on holiday can take advantage of the scheme, and will have Reward points allocated to their member record
•Any member withdrawing their shareholding will forfeit any unused or pending points
•The minimum redemption value per booking is 200 points and the points, or any voucher received by the member showing the points total, cannot be used for any purchase other than to reduce the net price billed for the holiday either at the time the booking is made or prior to the balance due date
•Points earned on shareholding Activity Club group bookings will only be applied to the club’s membership and cannot be applied to a member’s individual record
•In exceptional cases where it’s found that an individual member has been awarded points from a group booking, either an affiliated or non-affiliated group, these points will be deemed invalid
•Points are not transferable and have no cash value
•HF Holidays Ltd reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Notification of amendments will be published on our website

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