Once you've completed an application form and it's been accepted, you'll be invited to attend one of our residential Guidelines assessments. We'll be looking at your navigation and group leadership skills as well as your all round ability to ensure our guests have an enjoyable holiday.

During the assessment you’ll lead a small group on a section of a full day walk. We’ll be assessing your ability to navigate, make appropriate route choices, manage a group and, at the same time, provide a safe enjoyable walk.

The assessment runs over four days – from 4.00pm on the first day until lunchtime on the final day.
View our assessment dates below >

You will be matched up with one or two other potential leaders and will be assigned an assessor. Our assessors are all experienced leaders who have been through the assessment process themselves – so they’ll know exactly what it’s like for you and will do their best to put you at ease!

Indoor and outdoor sessions will cover a range of topics from giving walk briefings to discussing 'what if...' scenarios to navigating your way around unknown terrain. We will also introduce you to the concept of evening activities, an interesting and entertaining way to meet people and develop new friendships.

We host three levels of assessments, depending on the holiday you want to lead.

Lowland Assessments Moorland Assessments Mountain Assessments
For leading in lowland and coastal areas.
You will be assessed on your ability to navigate efficiently in urban, agricultural and low level wooded or open terrain. 
For leading in moorland and lower level mountain areas.
In addition to the skills required for lowland leading, you will be assessed on your ability to navigate efficiently in moorland and upland terrain with limited linear features to assist navigation. 
For leading in higher mountain terrain.
In addition to the skills required for moorland navigation, you will be assessed on your ability to navigate efficiently in mountain terrain which is open, uncultivated and remote (more than half an hour’s travelling time from a road or refuge). 
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Mountain and moorland assessments are generally held in the Lake District and Shropshire, while lowland assessments are held in the Cotswolds and the South Downs.


Assessment Dates

Assessments are held throughout the year. We have different levels of assessment available depending on the level of walks you want to lead – Lowland, Moorland or Mountain. It’s also possible to do a shorter assessment if you have a summer ML or an HML.

Mountain assessment

Fri 2 Nov - Mon 5 Nov

Derwent Bank, Lake District

Moorland assessment

Mon 12 Nov - Thurs 15 Nov

Church Stretton, Shropshire

Lowland assessment

Mon 19 Nov - Thurs 22 Nov

Abingworth, South Downs

Assessment for HML award holders

Call us on 01768 214519 to discuss assessment options.

Assessment for ML award holders – two nights

Currently thare are no two night assessments available. As an alternative, ML holders can attend our mountain level assessment.


We provide Full Board accommodation and any transport used during the assessment. There's no charge to attend but we request a £30 booking deposit which is refunded after you attend the course. You will need to cover your own travel costs to get to the assessment.

For more information email Rachel Toyn, Volunteer Leader Recruitment Coordinator or call 01768 214519 

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