Drone photography

Film and fly like a pro

Whether you’re a budding drone photographer already, thinking about taking to the air and exploring this exciting new photographic world or just looking for a specialist photography holiday, these breaks are ideal. On our expertly-led drone photography holidays with qualfied drone pilots, we'll guide you on composition, camera-settings, and how to plan, execute, review and perfect the images you take.  Allow your creativity to fly as free as a bird as you capture stunning images from up to 400 feet above the ground.

Browse our range of Drone Photography Holidays below. Top of the range drones are supplied on Learn to Fly holidays but you should bring your own on standard Drone Flying holidays.

Drone holidays in the Lake District

Flying at one or two hand-picked locations each day, you'll get a chance to photograph the stunning landscapes of the Northern Lake District on these drone holdiays. From our country house base at Derwent Bank, you'll spend the majority of the day outdoors. We'll choose the best locations for the time of year and weather conditions, so you get the best possible pictures.

Drone holidays on the Dorset Coast

Explore the rugged coastal landscapes and dramatic views of the Dorset Coast on a drone holiday and get cracking pictures from a brand new perspective. From our country house in Lulworth Cove, we'll take you out to one or two hand-picked locations each day. These will be chosen according to the weather and time of year to give you the chance of getting the best possible pictures.