Chefchaouen, Morocco

Walking holidays in Morocco

Framed with Atlantic coastline, sun-baked Saharan landscapes, and the oasis-fringed peaks of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco has plenty to please. 

Experience a whirlwind of sights and sounds 

Despite North Africa being just a short hop across the Straits of Gibraltar from Europe, culture-wise they’re worlds apart. Friendly haggling in traditional, sprawling souks is the order of the day in Morocco. The scent of spices and perfumes fill the air, as the babble of snake charmers and stall owners bartering back and forth provide the soundtrack to an experience far removed from everyday life. 

Our walking holidays in Morocco give you ample time in her most famous cities. Wander the maze-like streets of Fes where merchants sell everything from typical tajine pots and traditional leather goods to quality handmade rugs and exotic spices in every shade of ochre.  

Chefchaouen also has its share of shops but is most noted for its eye-catching blue and white colour palette – much like the boats that bob in the harbour of laid-back coastal town Essaouira. 

Then there’s Marrakech. An Aladdin’s cave of creativity, it’s been a mecca for artists and rock stars in search of inspiration since the swinging 60s. The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin have all journeyed here at one time or another. 

And who could forget Casablanca – a pristine port city that has long conjured a sense of romance thanks to Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman’s on-screen love affair in the hit Hollywood movie. It also boasts the mosaic-laden Royal Palace esplanade and the Hassan II Mosque, home of the world’s tallest minaret. 

Discover timeless North African adventures 

Away from the city, things couldn’t be more different. There’s little more than a whisper of wind over the Western Sahara to break the silence here.  

Meet up with nomadic Berber tribesmen in the middle of the desert and get to grips with a way of life unchanged for centuries. Share a glass or two of sweet mint tea and find out what it takes to survive in one of the harshest environments on the planet. And when it’s time to get going again, you’ll head up and over the rolling sand dunes on camel back and camp out under the stars.

Trek through the Atlas Mountains 

The Atlas Mountains steal the show in Morocco. Cooler climes in the shadow of North Africa’s highest mountain range have helped create an oasis of green pastures and fertile valleys.  

Travel the foothill trails and visit the French-built town of Ifrane. All thatched roof wooden houses and lake-studded parks, it’s like a little slice of Switzerland dropped into the Middle Atlas.  

In the high mountain passes, the red-hued remains of UNESCO-listed Aït Benhaddou village rise out of the horizon like a shimmering mirage, as do views of Toubkal – the Atlas range’s snow-capped summit. Elsewhere, you’ll trek through the rock walled Todra Gorge and see the faded glory of Glaoui Palace where intricate zelige carvings and tiles stand as testament to late 19th century Moroccan craftsmanship.