Walking holidays in Japan

It’s easy to fall head-over-heels in love with Japan. Visit historic cities where ancient rituals and cutting-edge technology live side-by-side, and walk trails that have remained much the same for centuries. 

Tokyo and Beyond

Japan is a nation that embraces the future while still staying true to tradition. Testament to this is tech-fuelled Tokyo. The world’s most densely populated city balances out the bullet train speed of life here by providing immaculate parks and tranquil garden spaces sprinkled with cherry blossoms.

On a clear day in the capital, you can see the snow-capped summit of Japan’s highest peak, Mount Fuji, beckoning you to explore its surrounding beauty. Fortunately, Japan’s compact size and positively space-age public transport system mean you’re never too far from the great outdoors.

Venture into a much-fabled land of samurai, sake and haiku-inspiring scenery for a trek through the towering cedar forests of the Kiso Valley, plus a stroll around ancient Kyoto’s zen gardens and UNESCO-listed temple-shrines. And in the hot spring village of Yudanaka Onsen, you’ll see the famous snow monkeys bathing themselves in the steamy, bubbling waters.

The real show-stealer though is a walk along one of Japan’s oldest roads. With all the heritage sites and mist-wreathed mountain scenery you could wish for, traversing even a small section of the Yamanobe no michi brings you one step closer to understanding Japanese culture.