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Walking holidays in Peru

Peru is one game changing walking destination. From the soaring snow-capped Andean peaks to the tropical exuberance of the Amazon basin, this South American gem richly rewards those who venture to her shores. Go wildlife-spotting in steamy jungle lowlands, visit a vast lake in the upper Andean Mountains, and unravel all the mysteries of the short-lived Inca Empire between. There’s even an ancient city in the sky. Our walking holidays in Peru tick all the boxes for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Take to the waters of Lake Titicaca  

Venture to Lake Titicaca – the highest navigable lake in the world and birthplace of the Incas – to be wowed by sapphire blue waters that stand a whopping 12,493ft above sea level. And the views just as impressive. The whole lake looks out over the glacier-topped Cordillera Real mountain range.  

Set foot on Titicaca’s cluster of reed islands courtesy of a boat trip and meet the indigenous Uros people. Learn their legends and you’ll find that old traditions still hold sway in the high Andes.  

Discover a fusion of old and new 

Arguably South America’s most visit-worthy city, Cusco is an archaeological treasure chest. Pockets of Incan stonework are framed by elegant Spanish colonial architecture and long-gone civilizations still make their presence felt.

For more examples of Inca handiwork, visit Arequipa’s Santa Catalina Monastery and pay homage to Juanita – the incredibly well-preserved mummy of a teenage girl sacrificed on a mountain to appease the Inca gods.  

The biggest Inca calling card of them all though is Machu Picchu. There are few places in the world that truly deserve to be called iconic – but this place has certainly earned the right.  Trek a section of the classic Inca Trail and pass through the Sun Gate to gaze down upon the awe-inspiring landscapes of the lost Inca citadel. It’s the highlight of any walking holiday in Peru. 

Come face-to-face with South American wildlife 

Like its mountains, Andean wildlife goes big. And the biggest of them all is the Andean condor. Watch these impressive birds soar effortlessly above the plunging Colca Canyon and hear the noise of the air passing over their 9-foot wings. 

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