View of Tokyo skyline at twilight

Walking & sightseeing holidays in Asia

Our walking holidays in Asia take you through parts of this mega-sized continent that blur the line between past and present. Visit whirlwind cities where ancient rituals and cutting-edge technology live side-by-side and walk trails that have stayed much the same for centuries. 

Japan: Tokyo and beyond 

Japan is a nation that embraces the future while still staying true to tradition. Testament to this is tech-fuelled Tokyo. The world’s most densely populated city balances out the bullet train speed of life here by providing immaculate parks and tranquil garden spaces sprinkled with cherry blossoms. 

On a clear day in the capital, you can see the snow-capped summit of Japan’s highest peak, Mount Fuji, beckoning you to explore its surrounding beauty. Fortunately, Japan’s compact size and positively space-age public transport system mean you’re never too far from the great outdoors. 

Venture into a much-fabled land of samurai, sake and haiku-inspiring scenery for a trek through the towering cedar forests of the Kiso Valley, plus a stroll around ancient Kyoto’s zen gardens and UNESCO-listed temple-shrines. And in the hot spring village of Yudanaka Onsen, you’ll see the famous snow monkeys bathing themselves in the steamy, bubbling waters. 

The real show-stealer though is a walk along one of Japan’s oldest roads. With all the heritage sites and mist-wreathed mountain scenery you could wish for, traversing even a small section of the Yamanobe no michi brings you one step closer to understanding Japanese culture. 

Step foot into Vietnam’s past 

Thanks to heritage-rich cities, paradise islands and history that reads like a Hollywood script, Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s rising star. 

Marvel at the treasures of Vietnam’s royal past in the 18th century imperial city of Hue, enjoy a bike ride beneath ornate pagodas in old Hanoi, and top it all with a boat ride on the sprawling Mekong Delta; our Vietnam tours line-up a host of standout experiences. 

The big one is a trip to Ho Chi Min. This bustling bazaar of French colonial architecture, street food stalls and beeping scooters was Vietnam’s pre-war capital, and its must-sees are many. Visit Notre Dame Cathedral, the General Post Office, plus Reunification Palace – site of the official South Vietnamese surrender that ended the Vietnam War. 

Don’t miss the Cu Chi tunnels – a network of underground passages once used by Vietcong soldiers. It’s a labyrinth of concealed trapdoors, living areas, kitchens and command centres, several storeys below the surface. 

And that’s not the only draw here. There’s also the food. Eat your way around the evening markets and get a taste of what’s quickly becoming Asia’s foodie capital. 

Get to know Laos & Cambodia 

While Vietnam gets all the press in this part of the world, equally visit-worthy are neighbours, Laos and Cambodia. Having managed to remain relatively under-the-radar, there are places here where rice is harvested by hand and the oxen cart is still the favoured mode of transport. 

In Cambodia, the remnants of lost civilizations are writ large. Not least at Angkor Wat. While there’s plenty more to look forward to on our Cambodia breaks, this sprawling complex of tree-entwined Buddhist shrines and remarkably well-preserved ruins is a real crowd-pleaser. 

Despite being landlocked, Laos has lots to love. You’ll visit the UNESCO-listed city of Luang Prabang, refresh yourself in the jade pools of Kuang Si waterfall and meet the Hmong hill tribe people. There’s also the chance to spot wild freshwater dolphins during a cruise on the Mekong River and see rescued bears at a sanctuary for endangered species.

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