The Americas

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Walking & sightseeing holidays in The Americas

North America

For lovers of the great outdoors, the USA and Canada have plenty to please. Think vast swathes of untamed wilderness, national parks that protect some of the world's most precious wildlife, and landscapes that range from icy peaks to sun-scorched deserts and everything in between.

Stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon for jaw-dropping views, feel the crazy heat in Death Valley (the hottest place on Earth) or seek out the cooler climes of Alaska and Canada with their sublime lakes, forest, and mountains - all home to brown and grizzly bears, moose, and magnificent bald eagles.

South America

A playground for adventures big and small, walking holidays in South America set the bar high. It’s an enormous continent that stretches from the icy peaks of Patagonia in the south, to the steamy jungles of the Amazon basin that hug the humid equatorial regions. And to the east you’ll find a collection of wow-factor islands, including the mysterious Easter Island famous for its moai statues, and the Galápagos - one of the most celebrated wildlife-watching destinations in the world.

Central America

Though it’s squeezed between its larger, louder neighbours, Central America can certainly hold its own when it comes to knockout scenery, rich history, and intriguing culture. Think fog-shrouded rainforests, smoking volcanoes, and amazing wildlife, plus time-trapped islands where there are UNESCO-listed wonders at every turn.

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