Torres del Paine,Patagonia, Chile - Southern Patagonian Ice Field, Magellanes Region of South America

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Few places on the planet turn heads like Patagonia does. This raw and untamed desert spans a vast stretch of barren wilderness where silence reigns supreme.  

Our Patagonia walking tours take you to the far reaches of South America to discover a landscape so iconic, it spawned a world-leading walk wear brand. In this one-of-a-kind corner of the globe, you’ll spot rare wildlife on the Patagonian steppe, venture to islands where colonies of Magellan penguins and sea lions thrive and spend time in no less than two lively capital cities: Chile’s mountain-surrounded metropolis Santiago, and Argentina’s lively Buenos Aires.

A treasure of two nations 

Patagonia straddles a huge space that covers both Chile and Argentina. On the Chilean side, the towering pinnacles of Torres del Paine overlook turquoise lakes and grasslands. Elsewhere, the immense Perito Moreno Glacier creaks and groans as huge chunks of ice calve into the icy waters below.  

Meanwhile, over in Argentina, the sheer faces of Mount Fitzroy dwarf everything – an eye-catching centrepiece to an astonishing backdrop. And when you’re not walking through wow-worthy national parks like Tierra del Fuego and Torres del Paine, you can explore Argentina’s historic capital, Buenos Aires.  

Here, culture lovers can tick-off the home of the Buenos Aires Ballet Company at Teatro Colón (Columbus Theatre) while carnivores might want to seek out the steak-filled delights of a parilla (Spanish for steakhouse or grill). Argentina does barbecues like nowhere else - and these meat-eating meccas pile-up mountains of steak, sausage, beef ribs, and more, all drizzled with fresh chimichurri (the spicy, herb-packed sauce that’s a national specialty).  

And while daytime in Buenos Aires allows sightseeing to take centre stage, come evening it’s time to catch an exciting tango show – Argentina’s national dance. 

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