Walking holidays in Chile

At a staggering 2,650 miles long, Chile is a land that goes big on extremes. Not only does it boast the driest desert on earth, but also the tallest volcano in the world. It also delivers on fertile vineyards, icy Andean peaks, ancient forests, and glacial lakes. And all of this is shored up by the Pacific Ocean – the largest and deepest ocean on the planet.  

Epic outdoors 

Few places turn heads like Patagonia does. This raw and untamed desert spans a huge space that covers both Chile and Argentina. On the Chilean side, the towering pinnacles of Torres del Paine overlook turquoise lakes and grasslands so full of wildlife they’re known as the Serengeti of South America. With a little luck, you’ll spot rare Huemul deer, several species of llama, and the elusive Andean puma. 

And then, of course, there’s the Atacama Desert. The driest place on the planet sculpts some weird and wonderful rock formations and this otherworldly landscape is as close as you can come to walking on the moon. If the scenery weren’t already incredible enough, the sheer faces of the Andean Mountains are all around you, including the 6,893-metre peak of Ojos del Salado (Salty Eyes) – the tallest volcano in the world.  

The adventures don’t end on the mainland, either. Chile’s Easter Island is home to the moai – huge rock-carved statues of bizarrely-shaped human heads whose purpose have been lost in the mists of time. Experts are still baffled by them today.  

Sightseeing and culture 

All glittering skyscrapers set against a backdrop of snowy Andean scenery, Santiago is a city that stands out from the crowd. The Chilean capital is every bit the modern city but with a sprinkling of old-world charm. Spend time in the Museum of Chilean Art, catch a performance at Centro de Gabriela Mistral (named after the famous female Chilean poet), or admire architectural greats like the 18th century Palacio de Moneda – Chile’s presidential offices. 

Our Chile walking holidays also factor in the opportunity to visit neighbouring Argentina, too. Stop by lively capital Buenos Aires or take a trip to the ‘End of the World’ at Ushuaia – an oceanside hub for Antarctic-bound cruises and expeditions into the southern Andes. 

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