Donate your interest

Many members choose to donate their interest to one of two HF Holidays funds.  

The General Fund

This fund supports our plans to grow our Society and introduce others to the great outdoors. By donating to this fund, you’ll be leaving a legacy for generations to come.  

The Pathways Fund

Our Pathways Fund has, for many years, provided assisted holidays to those who could not otherwise afford one. In addition, since 1998, the fund has helped to protect and improve the countryside where HF Holidays’ guests walk.   

It’s important to note that neither of the above funds has charitable status. However, the Pathways Fund does support charitable projects. This means that the option to Gift Aid, should you choose either of the above, will not apply.  

The options do not include donating to external charity organisations.  

If you would like to pursue either of the two options above, please let our membership team know and we will update your record in accordance with your instructions.