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Club membership benefits

Join over 400 clubs affiliated with HF Holidays. Become part of the community and enjoy a wealth of benefits. Help shape our future by representing your club at AGMs, electing members to the Board, or standing for election yourself.

Annual payment of £50 available
In return for publishing the Society’s latest advert in your club’s programme or newsletter, on receipt of your club’s invoice, you will receive a £50 payment (maximum once a year). See below for advert guidelines.
Take part in the progress of the Society
Help shape our future by representing your club at General Meetings, taking part in the election of members to the Board or standing for election yourself.
Annual interest on your club's shareholding
Activity Clubs earn interest on shareholdings of £100 or more. Interest is generally accrued to the existing shareholdings. The cash value of the interest can be paid to the club on request.

Advert for programmes or newsletters

An annual payment of £50 will be made to HF Holidays affiliate clubs for publishing our latest advert in your newsletter or programme.

Please email to express your interest and read our guidelines here.

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