Join our board

As a co-operative society, HF Holidays is governed by a Board of 12 volunteer Directors, elected from the Society's members. Our Board set the strategic direction of HF Holidays, and are made up of members who have a passion for walking and activity holidays in both the UK and abroad. Collectively, our Board aim to reflect the interests and background of the wider membership. Individually, Directors offer professional or commercial expertise.

Join the Board of Directors in 2021

The process for nominating and standing for election to the Board of Directors opens each year in the month following the Annual General Meeting and closes on 31 December. To be eligible to stand for election, you must be a member of HF Holidays of age 18 or over, and you must be nominated by two fellow members. If you know a member who you think would make an ideal candidate, you could encourage them to stand.

Do you have the skills and experience to join our Board?

Each year, there are three vacancies created as Director's retire from a four-year term. Being a Director of HF Holidays is a voluntary, but important, enjoyable, worthwhile and rewarding role and the Board is keen to encourage members, especially our female members, to consider standing for election.

What we're looking for

Every year we survey the skills and experience that the current Board offers. We have a remarkably well-qualified Board with a wide range of relevant knowledge. However, we would particularly welcome candidates with Board-level experience from the leisure and travel sector. Looking forward, we have plans to manage and develop our UK properties, so it would be valuable to have additional Board-level expertise in commercial property estates. As more and more aspects of modern life are conducted online, we would benefit from stronger Board-level experience in social media, website and e-commerce. We take our responsibilities as an employer seriously and feel the Board would also be enhanced by more senior level expertise in this field.

How to apply

Nominations are currently closed. They wil open in due course, when the closing date for applications will be 31 December 2020. For more information and to order an application pack, contact Sarah Davis on for a chat or to arrange to speak to one of our current Board of Directors.