Annual General Meeting of HF Holidays


will be held virtually on Saturday 10 April 2021, 2-4pm
Helen Boaden, President  

Due to the ongoing restrictions relating to Covid-19, the 2021 AGM will take place virtually. Please register for the AGM by 1pm on Friday 9 April 2021. You can register via the button below. I really hope you can join us.

Voting for the election of Members of the Board in now closed

Registration to attend the AGM is now closed


You can access a copy of the 2021 AGM Agenda, including the minutes of both the 106th Annual General Meeting and the 2020 Special General Meeting, the Anuual Report, Accounts and Auditor's Report 2020, and the Rules of the Society via the buttons below.

2021 AGM Agenda

2020 Annual Report

Rules of the Society

The online registration form provides an option to submit questions relating specifically to the 2021 AGM items. If you are unable to join the 2021 AGM, a recording of the meeting will be available on the Society website to watch shortly after.

2021 board director election results

We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Horlock, Leslie Brantingham, Louise Cottingham and Richard Drury are going to join us as our new Volunteer Board Directors.

We urge you to please consent to receiving communications by electronic means by registering for the online 2021 AGM and online 2021 Election, which include an option to ‘opt in’ for future communications. Sending out postal communications about HF Holidays’ AGM costs our Society around £40,000 each year. Quite apart from the financial cost, this creation and postage of paper is not in line with our values as an environmentally and socially responsible Society.

The 2021 Election is an important matter for our Society. As a cooperative, HF Holidays is owned and controlled by its Members and its Board of Directors is elected by and from our Membership. An effective Board is vital to the continuing success of HF Holidays. This year there are four vacancies on the Board up for election (three of a four-year term and one of a two-year term), and I would like to encourage you to exercise your rights as a Member and vote for a maximum of three candidates who you would like to see on the HF Holidays’ Board. Please consider to see the relevant skills and experience which would further enhance our board.

Yours sincerely
Malcolm Oliver, Chair, HF Holidays

2020 Special General Meeting: 12 December 2020

Our 2020 Special General Meeting (SGM) where Members were able to debate and vote on the revised set of Rules, was held on Saturday 12 December 2020. All four resolutions were passed.

Member Questions & Answers

106th Annual General Meeting of HF Holidays

The AGM of HF Holidays took place as a virtual event on Saturday 5 September 2020. You can watch a recording of the event below. All four motions raised at the AGM were passed.

2020 Board Director Election Results

Despite the pandemic, voting for new directors did continue as planned and three new directors were elected. We are delighted to announce that Linda Haydon, Steve Bishop and Mark Hoffman are going to join us as our new Volunteer Board Directors, albeit a little later than we all expected. We are in unprecedented times, which require a different approach. We have sought advice from Cooperatives UK and have agreed the three newly elected Directors will start their four-year term on the Board after the re-scheduled AGM has taken place.

Outgoing Directors

On Saturday 28 March 2020 Robert Ainsworth, Robert Locke and Brian Tilley reached the end of their four-year term on the Board. In normal times they would receive a public valediction from the stage of the AGM. This year, in view of the special measures forced on us by the Coronavirus crisis, we are sorry that we have had to forgo this public message of thanks. Each of them played a key part in the successful growth of HF Holidays. On behalf of the Board, employees and Members, our Chair, Cheryl Hunnisett, would like to thank them for their contribution of time and energy in helping us to keep a good balance between prudence and expansion.

Annual General Meeting: 2020

2020 AGM Agenda

2019 Annual Report

Walkers in the Peak District

HF Holidays’ Annual General Meeting 2019

Our 105th Annual General Meeting was held at Regent’s University, London on 30 March 2019, the Minutes for which are now available for you online.

2019 AGM minutes

2019 Member Forum minutes

2018 Annual Report

2018 AGM minutes