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Spotlight on: Andalucía

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Spain’s most southern region tantalises with sun-kissed beaches, tapas, and some extraordinary sights. Its cities stand testament to the region’s rich tapestry of history with nods to their Moorish, Catholic, and Jewish pasts. From Málaga’s legendary Alhambra palace to the largest Gothic church in western Europe, there’s so much to see and do here.  

It’s also as much about the food as the history. Cádiz is famed for its sherry from nearby Jerez while Seville offers plenty of tapas bars dishing out jamón ibérico de bellota (Iberian ham), tortilla (Spanish omelette), espinacas con garbanzos (spinach and chickpeas), gazpacho (a refreshingly cold tomato soup), and more.  

Here’s our top pick of things to do and see in Andalucía. 

Alhambra Palace, Granada

With the snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background, the Alhambra wows in every sense. Once a walled citadel, it became the seat of Granada’s Nasrid emirs and after the Reconquista became the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabela. Nowadays, you can wander the Nasrid Palaces, some of the best-preserved Islamic buildings in Europe, as well as the courtyards and flower-lined paths of Generalife Gardens.

The Great Mosque of Córdoba

As one of the oldest Moorish buildings still standing in Andalucía, The Great Mosque gives you an insight into the area’s history. It was converted into the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, but you’ll still see traces of its Islamic heritage as you walk amongst double arches and red brick structures. Climb the belltower and you’ll have great views of Córdoba’s rooftops stretching out beneath you.

Discover Andalucia

Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville

The city’s former Jewish quarter makes for a fascinating visit on foot. Work your way through its narrow alleys, peer inside gates to see flower-filled terraces, and discover light-filled plazas. It’s also where you’ll find the Alcázar palace and cathedral.

Seville Cathedral

You can easily fill a day sightseeing around Seville, but the highlight is undeniably the city’s UNESCO-listed cathedral - the largest Gothic building in western Europe and resting place of Christopher Columbus. Once you’ve taken it all in, climb the Giralda belltower (the former minaret of the mosque the cathedral was built on) to see Seville from above.

Las Alpujarras

Las Alpujarras

These stunning valleys and gorges in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains give you a picture-postcard snapshot of Andalucia’s whitewashed villages. The villages appear to cascade down the hillsides, their whiteness contrasting against the green landscape they’re nestled in.

Sherry tasting in Cádiz

As the oldest inhabited city in Europe, Cádiz rewards with fascinating architecture that’s stood the test of time. Unlike other cities, its ancient core is surrounded by water, with the cathedral’s yellow-hued dome an eye-catching beacon amongst the mix of lower-level buildings around it. Sightseeing in sun-kissed Cádiz also comes with the bonus of world-famous sherry, produced just north of the city in Jerez – the tint town that gave the fortified wine its name. The centre’s brimming with taverns offering up a selection of the region’s best to try.

Art in Málaga

As the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, it’s no surprise Málaga has a flourishing art scene. A free afternoon in the city is a great opportunity to visit the museum dedicated to the artist and stroll through the mural-sketched streets of Soho – an edgy creative quarter where hip cafes brush alongside craft beer bars and street art exhibitions.

Feeling inspired to visit Andalucia?

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Published 28th November 2023